Day 2 of the Studio Tour

Saturday I said there would be new pictures ‘tomorrow’ not realizing ‘tomorrow’ was Easter. So, today is tomorrow! πŸ™‚ (get that?)


My cutting table. It used to be in the kitchen, as an island. But when we moved, there was no room in the kitchen for an island. So, lucky me, I took it into the sewing room where it’s the perfect height for cutting!


The shelves above the cutting table hold buttons, embroidery floss, scrapbooking do-dahs, my ArtFire inventory (some of it) and various crafty things – hole punches, little dowels, etc.


Right around the corner, a stack of 4 drawers. From the bottom, the one my knitting bag is hiding – cards and stationary, various WIP’s, trims drawer and the top drawer holds scrapbooking paper.


And on top, a stack of books, cause my bookshelf is full.


I have 2 shoe storage things, and boy are they handy! I store all kinds of stuff here – Clover mini iron, some ArtFire stuff, lonely skeins of yarn, patterns…. They are hanging on a portable closet. It has a shelp on top, a hanging rod and then a shelf on bottom. I’ve utilized every square inch of this! As you will see….


Underneath I have a tote full of sewing fabrics (not quilt fabrics), my ironing basket which is overflowing (I love to iron, but even I get behind!) and my DVR sit there on that shelf.


I hang freshly ironed clothes there, or items I’m working on. On top I have boxes for patterns – Doll Patterns, and the red basket is name brand patterns (simplicity etc) and the last box is patterns I print out from Lekala or PMB4, or any other pattern printing service.


Next to that is the door into the bathroom, we won’t go in there. It looks like every other bathroom, plus the cat box. 😦 Here is my bookshelf – completely full. My ironing board in front of the white cabinet which holds envelopes, shipping supplies and extra office supplies.


There is a small bookshelf on top of the white cabinet to hold fabrics, mostly fabrics for making doll clothes. And there is Molly, in her green school dress. πŸ™‚


My TV in the corner, and then starts the sewing table. Inbetween, I have plastic zipper bags full of fabric, scraps mostly. I always save the plastic zipper bag from sheets or blankets. They make awesome storage bags.

Ok, more tomorrow (really!) Don’t forget to post about your studio! You could win a copy of Sew Pretty Homestyle. πŸ™‚


One Response to “Day 2 of the Studio Tour”

  1. laura west kong Says:

    What a fun and inspiring studio! Makes me want to get home to mine. =(^_^)=

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