Day 3 of the Studio Tour

A person would tend to think I don’t know the meaning of the word ‘tomorrow’. 🙂


Ok this is the beginning of the sewing table. It’s simply an old banquet table, we cut a hole in it for the cords and it works just fine. I have an acrylic sewing extension table on my machine…not sure how I lived without it all these years. And an extra light, cause the light bulb above the needle – the wires are broken. The last time I took it in to be serviced, he said he fixed that. He didn’t.


the rest of the sewing table. I have all kinds of little boxes and storage drawers. All full. I tend to be a ‘piler’. I pile things on top of each other. I try so hard not to do this, but I believe I have the Piling Gene. It’s inevitable. If there is an empty surface, I must fill it.  Can’t help myself.


The end of the sewing table and on to my desk.


My desk and the printer above it. I love those cardboard photo boxes. They make excellent storage. This stack of 4 holds lace, vintage hankies, floss and various threads, odds and ends there are no labels for and my ‘good yarn’ 🙂 Cashmere and Malabrigo lace yarn.


My desk is usually not this clean. I have file boxes hanging on the walls with lots of sticky notes and various things.


My shelves! Now, when we moved in here, I put these shelves up myself. Yes, you heard right. They don’t look so bad when all that stuff is on them, but if they are naked, they look like a Lucy and Ethel job. But the main point is…They’ve stayed up!


Under the shelves – filing cabinets, and drawers. I have a 2 x 4 board on top of the shelves, for an even surface.  And piles of copy paper, file folders, etc.


Now, under my sewing table, next to my desk are my phone projects 🙂 These are easy, non thinking things I can work on while talking on the phone. I’m not a big phone person, but all my family lives in other states, so when we get on the phone, it’s usually for awhile.  I simply can not sit and do nothing. So, I have a headset for my phone and I grab my phone projects. It’s amazing how much gets done this way.

Well, now you’ve seen my entire studio, except for the middle of the floor, which is where I was standing.

I’ve sure enjoyed seeing your studio’s… keep ’em coming! I’ll take comments and contest entries on this until Sat night. Then I’ll be drawing a name out of the hat.


One Response to “Day 3 of the Studio Tour”

  1. Le-Teisha Says:

    I loved touring your studio, now I can picture things a little better while we’re emailing.

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