Day 1 of the Quilt Designers Studio Tour

I welcome you to my studio – Cotton Spice! clicking on the pictures will take you to a larger picture. I’ll take you in the door, to the left and all the way around to door again.


This is looking in the door. I found a handy spot to hang ribbons, right on the door.


This ‘the blue thing’. I use it for my cutting mat. It has shelves in end, where I store things like freezer paper, clear contact paper, timtex. And 2 drawers in front – the top one tips out and holds batteries and super glue. The bottom holds things I don’t need very often, cause there is usually a box in front of it!


Under the blue thing, I store boxes of paper, and a tote of some lefteover Christmas craft things. I have 3 trash bags in my sewing room, the first one is here. Since I cut at this table, it makes sense to have a trash right there. Also a basket with an unfinished knitting project in it.


Looking behind the door, you can see the bottom shelf of the bookcase I use for fabric storage. This bottom shelf and the floor next to it – see the boxes to the right? is where I store all the Dash prizes. I manage and mail out the prizes for Quilt Dash, Quilt Block Dash and Mystery Quilt Dash. Those boxes are filled with quilt Goodies of all kinds!!!!


This is the top half of the bookcase, where I keep most of my fabric. In the last couple years, I’ve cut my fabric stash by about 3/4. It’s time for new fabric 🙂 See the door on the left? I have most of my rulers hanging there and also my circular knitting needles.


And on the top – boxes of Wool Felt, zippers, trims, lace etc. Good thing I’m tall and that we have high ceilings!


My design wall. This is my Jane Austen quilt from Inklingo It’s hand pieced and going slow, but I’m not in a hurry.

I’ll have more pictures tomorrow, so come on back! And don’t forget to leave a comment with a link to your blog and pictures of your own studio, you might win a copy of Sew Pretty Homestyle!

Now, go to the Studio Tour graphic on my sidebar and click Next to visit the next studio! Have fun!!!!


2 Responses to “Day 1 of the Quilt Designers Studio Tour”

  1. Joy Says:

    Thanks Karen, I love the tour of your Studio. I’m a bit like you … loads of stuff crammed into a small space. I’ve taken lots of piccies and I’ll try to get them on my blog today for you to see :o).
    Easter Hugs,
    Joy :o)

  2. Joy Says:

    Phew, finally … my sewing room door is open he he he. Come on over for a look :o).
    Joy :o)

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