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Pictures By Request

June 13, 2009

Barb, my new organizing friend, requested pictures of the handmade goodies that came in my Vintage box – so here they are –



The tea purse – even comes with tea and sweetners!



The sewing caddy – LOVE that wool!


This was my current bookmark! (How did Janet know I needed one?) 🙂


And my new one! 🙂

Thank you Janet!

My HUGE box of goodies has arrived!

June 12, 2009

Oh my goodness! I didn’t expect this box until Monday and I super duper happy it arrived early!!!! Look at the size of this box –


And of course, Lucy had to check it out for herself!


Isn’t this just the coolest suitcase? Just wait till you see what’s in it!!!!


It’s bulging at the seams!!! And yes, there is some laundry up there, waiting to be put away, just ignore that. I obviously do!


This is the contents of ONE bag! Vintage notions galore!!!

I am in love with vintage notions, but also with the packaging. When you look at the closeup, look at that green paper on the far right hand side. “3 yards of Rick Rack from Penneys for 8 cents” Now, you KNOW that has been around!


Sparkle my world!


lots and lots of new toys to play with, display with honor and totally enjoy. My friend also sent me a some things she made herself – a sewing caddy, a tea purse, and a bookmark… I could just hug her to pieces. 🙂

This is really just a fraction of what’s in there, but I can’t show it all to you. I don’t think I’d be safe in my own home – I know women who would raid my house for some of this stuff. I run with a rough crowd 🙂