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And now we are home….

February 25, 2008

pink-lily.jpgand so happy to be sleeping in our own bed. But we had a wonderful time seeing family and visiting and eating. I’ll tell you, I’m sick to death of eating! But going back to your hometown means you have to visit all your favorite restaurants and coffee places, and we did.

We drove to Kansas City on Saturday, since our flight left early Sunday morning. Our hotel had a shuttle to the airport, and about 20 minutes before we left for the airport, it started snowing. And snowing, and snowing. Turns out our flight was delayed 5 1/2 hours due to snow. We missed our connection in Las Vegas, and went standby on the next flight out to Boise and got on the flight! Turns out we arrived in Boise 10 minutes before Shannon did!

We got to meet our newest grandson Elijah –


and see our little Ryland, (almost 2) who wasn’t quite sure about us –


Jack was very happy to see us –



and we were happy to see him. He’s grown up so much in the few months since we’ve seen him. He’s memorized his first Bible verse – ‘I can do anything with Jesus who gives me the strength I need. Philippians 4:13’ He pronounces Philippians different every time and sometimes says ‘socks’ instead of strength… but the message comes through!

We’ve learned a great thing for flying. EXIT ROW SEATS. Lots of leg room. Yes, you have to agree to help in the event of an evacuation but how often does that happen? Even if it did, we’d be happy to help. Either that or be the first ones off the plane. :/

Mike experienced his first earthquake, and frankly was disappointed. If you’ve been watching the news you probably saw pictures of Wells, NV which is just about 1 1/2 from where we were in Idaho, so we felt the earthquake. Wells never gets earthquake, so there is no earthquake insurance on any building – public or private. It’s a very small town (1300 people). I hope they can find a way to restore their homes and town.

So, now we’re home and I’m back to work. Our plan is to have a Grand Opening for Cotton Spice the first week of March. The new March issue will be available – our first free issue – and we’ll have drawings and all kinds of fun things to do. But not if I don’t stop playing on my blog. 🙂