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June 2006 issue Quilt Picture

March 9, 2007


This was one of our first pictures for the magazine. We wanted a couple, who would be willing to share their first date with us. Doesn’t everybody want to do that? We thought so! 🙂

Being fairly new to Joplin, and not knowing a lot of couples, or pre-couples who would be having a first date, we made one up.

This picture is of Chris, my stepson, and Blair, best friend to his sister Traci. They look cute together, so we begged them to pose for us. And not only pose, but act like they were having fun and the possibility of more dates existed.

We had a fun afternoon, trying out different poses, and different ideas. On the bench, off the bench. Eating grapes, or cheese, holding the wine glass, not holding the wine glass.

Who knew we were so smart? Later that summer, Chris and Blair got married! And have been blissfully happy ever since. We do expect them to name their firstborn after one of us, probably me. 😀

The picture turned out to be truthful – it was their first date!


Comment added 3-10-07: How’s this for Serendipity? last night Chris and Blair came over and told us they were expecting their first baby! 🙂 sometime in October! yippeeeeee! 🙂

A picture from the June 2006 issue of Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine

February 5, 2007

This is one of my favorite pictures –



This was one of the first pictures we took for the magazine. Being new to this whole business, it was quite a process. We had to take the pictures several times.


Jack loved it, Grandpa… not so much!


It was a spring day, and it wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t really warm either. It wasn’t a ‘sprinkler’ day. Jack didn’t care, he loved to play in the water no matter what. He’d be shivering with goose bumps and blue lips and still not want to come inside.


What we wanted, was a picture of Jack playing in the sprinkler and then coming to Grandpa who was holding the quilt, which he’d wrap him up in. A wet little boy in a warm quilt with a Grandpa.


Well, Jack didn’t want to go to Grandpa, he wanted to play in the sprinkler! Mike was trying to get Jack to come to him, without actually getting into the sprinkler himself! Well, we got some cute pictures, but not the one we wanted.


So, Mike, being the man he is, the Grandpa he is… bit the bullet and went into the sprinkler! At the very moment the picture was taken, he got Jack in the quilt and the sprinkler sent a spray right up his shorts, which accounts for the look of surprise of his face!


But, we got the shot and we all got to come in and get warm. Well, Jack still wanted to play out there, but his lips were getting blue and we thought he should come inside and get warm. And since we’re bigger than he is, we won.


In the process we got some cute pictures of Jack which we had to include. Well.. we did have to!

A picture from the December issue of Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine

January 30, 2007


This was one of the most popular pictures in the December issue. Not only is the quilt beautiful (if I do say so myself) 🙂 but the model is beautiful as well. I’ve received many comments about her… “Who is she?” and “She’s so pretty!”

Well, her name is Nicole and she is Shannon’s best friend. She lives in Washington with her husband and 3 children. She has boundless energy and a zest for life that shows in her eyes when she smiles.

When Shannon moved to Washington, we were excited about the new photographic opportunities. (See the September issue for some beautiful quilts photographed on Orcas Island, WA) But Seattle, WA has experienced quite the weather this year! More rain than ever, more snow than in many, many years. And taking pictures of quilts in the soggy outdoors proved difficult at best. And eventually proved to be impossible.

So, indoors we came! Photographing indoors is a different game. It requires light in the right amounts, and the right levels, and reflectors and backgrounds and all kinds of techno-gadgets. None of which we had.

But window light at Just the right time of day, and a lovely model and the picture was taken. Where there is a will, there is a way. It was also August! Shannon had to get out the artificial tree and string it with lights, and put it on the deck where it could be seen. Hang the Christmas wreath, and put up some red curtains. Nicole had to put a warm sweater on, and a quilt over her and hold what we hoped looked like a cup of hot chocolate, yes, all in August!

But, Shannon wanted it to look like Christmas, and she did! You’d never know it wasn’t Christmas, you’d never realize it was a hot August day out that window.

Kudos to Shannon and Nicole, for their ingenuity and hard work! 🙂

More Quilt Picture Stories to come!

More to come!