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My poor neglected blog…

July 5, 2008

is so forgiving. It never asks me where I’ve been, or what’s more important than writing here… it just sits and waits. Lovely.

Have you seen our Quilt Along? You should check this out. Rochelle Martin designed this quilt and is presenting it


for us in 8 parts. Each month the new part is presented – totally free! Be sure to save them tho, cause once

the new part is posted, the past months part is gone and must be purchased. Join in, we’re only on the second month! If you like applique, this is something you don’t want to miss.

Would you believe I’m already working on the September issue? I usually take at least a few weeks off after the issue is done, but really didn’t this time. Yeah, you can look forward to something great in September 🙂

Last weekend we went to see the Cardinals play the Royals in Kansas City. Cardinals won. 🙂 It was fun, but quite a long day. The stadium is beautiful – first time I’ve been there.  The walk from the parking lot was long, and the aroma’s from all the BBQ’s belonging to tailgaters was enough to drive you crazy.

Tomorrow we’re off to Lake of the Ozarks to see The Outlaws in concert. We’ll be home Monday afternoon, after hitting the outlet malls 🙂  And after that, we’ll be home for the foreseeable future. No more plans that we are aware of.

How’s your summer going?