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Pictures By Request

June 13, 2009

Barb, my new organizing friend, requested pictures of the handmade goodies that came in my Vintage box – so here they are –



The tea purse – even comes with tea and sweetners!



The sewing caddy – LOVE that wool!


This was my current bookmark! (How did Janet know I needed one?) πŸ™‚


And my new one! πŸ™‚

Thank you Janet!

Blog Hijacked to Bring You an Important Announcement

October 2, 2008

Tammy here, the Quilt Designing Computer Geek (and the webmonster), hijacking Karen’s blog to let you know that yesterday, October 1, 2008, was a momentous day in the life of Karen.Β  But, knowing Karen as I do, she’s too modest to let you know.Β  SO, I’m taking it upon myself to help her out!

It’s not my place to give the specifics of her age (if she wants you to know, she’ll tell you) … but, I do know that it was a BIG ONE for her, and we’re so glad she’s sharing her quilted and knitted heart with all of us!


Feel free to share your love with Karen in the comments – I canΒ envision her smiling and blushing, when she realizes how special she is to everyone.

Note from Karen – well, now that I’ve recovered from the scare of my life… LOL….Tammy sent me an email saying “OH MY GOSH…. your blog has been hijacked and I don’t know what to do!” So, of course, I ran right over here…. LOL

And I don’t mind telling you all… I’m 50. Yup, I’ve survived and celebrated a half century, and happy to tell about it.

So… catching up

May 17, 2008

pink-lily.jpgYou’ll be hearing more about the Breast Health Project later, please make a block for our quilt – you’ll be glad you did πŸ™‚

So, what have I been doing since the project started? Well! let me tell you –

We planted flowers, in the yard and some baskets for the front porch…

baskets1.jpg front-walk2.jpg front-walk.jpg tiers.jpg iris.jpg hydrangea.jpg

The flower baskets are quite underwhelming so far, but they will grow big and bushy. We planted Wave Petunias on both sides of the front walk, and they’ll spread pretty fast now that the sun is out. We started some planting in the tiers in front of the house, some Candytuft to hang over the edge with the Creeping Phlox – in the fall I’ll plant some yellow tulips in the Candytuft – it’s a lovely spring treat. The Iris’ were already here – who can get rid of them? I mean really – if you know how to get rid of them, let me know! And the most wonderful of all – my Hydrangea bush. I’ve wanted one forever – but it’s much too dry in Idaho. Even with all the rain we get, we still have to water it! It’s my pride and joy πŸ™‚

I’m toiling away on the June issue of Cotton Spice – it’s a good one!

Knitting? Well, I made a pair of cotton slippers for Mom –

momslippers.jpg They look pretty funky without feet in them, but she tells me they are VERY comfy. They are adorned with some vintage pearl buttons I received in a Freecycle haul of the century. More on that later.

I finished a pair of mittens for Macuwita sni for Mitten Quest 2008-09 – our goal is to send 250 mittens in the fall –

redbluemittens.jpg and another pair OTN (on the needles for you non-knitters)

I started a shawl. I’m falling in love with lace knitting. It nearly beat me, but all of a sudden something clicked and my friend Robin showed me a few things and presto chango…I’m knitting lace!
isis2.jpg I’m using bits and leftovers from my sock yarn stash, 100% wool, so it will be pretty and warm!

I’m working on some gift-ey things I can’t talk about it yet.

We did have some wild weather a week or so ago. An F4 tornado just south of us, didn’t touch us at all, but damage and destruction was huge. Almost 20 people died and many injured. Please remember to pray for them, many of them have lost Everything.

My quilting web guru friend Tammy Harrison is coming to visit me on Monday. I’m so very excited to meet her in person. We’ve been virtual friends for about 2 years now, much of what Cotton Spice is now, is because of her and her work. She makes the techy stuff work.

Now, my confession, where you find out exactly what kind of hostess I really am. 😦 She was traveling to see her nephew graduate from college and had go thru Joplin to get there. The plan was for her to stay a night going to, and one night coming back. Well… she arrived right on schedule, but I thought it was the next week… wasn’t prepared for her at all and even worse… we didn’t answer the phone. Yes… she was stranded in Joplin, with no way to get a hold of me and then had to get a hotel. The next morning when I checked messages – I was mortified. Absolutely mortified. I couldn’t believe what I’d done.

We finally connected and I have to say she’s such a gracious lady. She laughed it off and it’s been good joke material for the last few days. But she will be here Monday afternoon – she’s reminded me several times – and I’m looking forward to a wonderful time. And from on, I will be answering the phone unless it’s an 800 or 866 number.

Ok… my Freecycle haul of the century. I answered a Freecycle email about 3 bags of fabric w/notions, buttons etc. I’m still not real familiar with the area here so when she told me they lived in (I don’t even remember the town now) I just said Great! We’ll be out to pick it up when Mike gets home! Well… she lived 50 miles away!!!! Maybe not many miles for you city people, but it took us 2 hours when you count getting gas, getting lost, driving a curvy country road for much of it, but it was SO worth it!!!!

There were the 3 bags of fabric PLUS – bags of zippers, bias tape, notions of all kinds, lace, ribbon, little girl dress patterns (SO cute) and the jackpot – an antique candy tin full to the brim of vintage pearl buttons. All kinds from huge to tiny. Some on original cards which are so pretty, some strung on thread. But every one of them absolutely gorgeous!!!! I will get pictures of it soon. It was like Christmas!

Ok.. enough from me. I’m not sure if I’m caught up, but that’s all I got right now! πŸ™‚ Happy Saturday!

WIP Wednesday

March 12, 2008

pink-lily.jpgYes, I am working on my sewing room/office/knitting arena…. It usually takes me a day. That’s because I mostly just hide stuff. This time I’m really cleaning. If I have to hide it, I find a place for it to live or I throw it out. No more hiding! So, just to prove that I’m really working on this, I took before pics. The after pics haven’t been taken yet, but hopefully in a day or two.

I’m baring my naked sewing room to ya’ll… be kind!


You get 5 points if you can tell what’s on TV….


Edited: Wed about noon…The winner is Joanna! It’s I Love Lucy. You’ve got good eyes! πŸ™‚


October 31, 2007

Our first granddaughter, Riah Mckay.Β  She weighed 7lbs 9oz and is 21″ long.Β  Of course, pictures don’t do her justice, but it will have to do.Β  πŸ™‚



Here she is, lying very comfy on Papa’s lap, sleeping away like a good girl.

Tornado Sirens in October?

October 19, 2007

geraniums.jpgWhat’s up with the weather? The other night about 9 or so, the sirens went off. Well, tornado’s are strictly a springtime activity!! (right?) Just say yes. So, we check the news, and yes we do have some nasty storms expected any minute. They were expecting 70-90 mph winds and the sirens were to warn us. Thank you… i think.

So, we did what every normal person would do. We went out on the porch to watch! πŸ™‚ There was no wind, not even a breeze. But the sky was a little ‘weird-looking’… kind of pinkish. Then a breeze. Just a little breeze. Then we looked out at the street and suddenly buckets of water were coming down and the wind took those buckets and drenched us in about 2 seconds.

Our front porch wraps around half of the house, and we were standing at the corner. Halfway. By the time we got back to the front door and inside safely, we were dripping. That’s how hard it rained and blew – in about a half second.

So…the back porch is much safer πŸ™‚ We went out back and watched the storm from there. And yes, I do believe we had those 70-90 mph winds, but only for about 5 minutes. However, remember our broken branch in the backyard? It’s the middle of a ‘situation’. The tree belongs to the neighbor next door. Even though the branch is tangled up in power lines, all the Electric Company will do is come out and remove the lines while ‘someone’ cuts the branch down. Tree owner says it’s not his responsibility cause that part of the tree is in our yard, and we don’t have the equipment to cut down such a big branch so far UP in the tree ourselves. We would if we did. However… the winds did not even budge this branch. (we were kind of hoping the wind would blow it down and the issue would be settled)


You can see the power lines going through it


That circle is where it split and I’d say it’s at least 30 ft above the ground. Even as far as the branch has fallen we can’t touch it while we stand underneath it and we don’t stand underneath it for very long.

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September 2, 2007

Took the picture of the bonsai this morning, so it’s up to date –

bonsai1.jpg bonsai2.jpg

Here is nearly 3 boxes of neatly wound thread –


And two bags of pearle cotton –


Stitch 2 – buttonhole stitch. I’ve done this stitch often in my life, used it for various things. I learned all kinds of different ways to do the buttonhole stitch from TAST.



and also the Lazy Daisy stitch, which could be a lot of fun in an existing stitchery. With beads.

Back to my threads and fabrics!

We should all be so focused!

December 4, 2006


It’s time for the newest pics of my little boys

November 22, 2006


We’ll start with the newest first πŸ™‚ Ryland is nearly 3 months old. Shannon got to meet him when she was in Idaho last week and said he always has his eyes open wide like that. Just takin’ it all in!!!


And Liam! He is just about 5 months old, and doesn’t he look like Ryland? Couldn’t you just eat ’em with a spoon?


Here’s Liam and Aidan, sleeping on the floor. Just tuckered!


Here’s Jack, working the alphabet on the Fridge. He’s so smart! πŸ™‚


And then there’s Riley! It must be some kind of Alaska Blue Mouth Disease… not sure… πŸ˜‰ (or perhaps blue cupcakes)

I love my little boys, they are all so unique and special. I’m so completely blessed in my life, I’m in awe. I have everything I could possibly need and want. Great kids who gave me even greater grandsons. What more can a Mom want? πŸ™‚


I like these much better!

October 15, 2006

Oh so much better! They are big enough to see. They appear to download quickly. And the quality is good. Here comes the fountain picture, I was really bummed that one turned out so blekky. But I had no time to fiddle with it.


This is one of my favorite pictures from St. Louis. There was a lot of atmosphere that can’t be shared with the picture. There was a band to the right of us, quite loud! Hundreds of people, all wearing Cardinal red.

Most surprising to me was the scalpers. Are they still called scalpers? Isn’t that illegal? On just about every corner they were… “Got tickets?” and they’d hold up a handful. “Uh, no, we decided to come to St. Louis and stay at a hotel in the hopes we’d find last minute tickets to the playoff game.” Did we really look that stupid? But I guess people must buy them or they wouldn’t be there.

And I’m not really superstitious, but I’m not saying anything about the current playoff games. No point in disturbing the atmosphere. πŸ™‚