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The cutest little containers!

June 6, 2009

I found the cutest little tins – I put some of my beads in one set.


and to give you an idea of how small they are, here is one with my pen


They have glass tops, so I can see at a glance what’s in them. You want some don’t you? 🙂  This is where I got them – Lee Valley Tools  If you click on the Storage link, they have so many cool things. I love storage containers of all kinds, and organization ‘things’.

I’m on a never ending quest to achieve this perfectly organized sewing room/office. I know it will never happen, but the fun is in the journey!

So, take a peek at one of my favorite new blogs – Sew Many Ways 

I Love to go to the quilt shop, the fabric store, the thrift store, flea markets and The Organization Aisle at Home Depot or Lowes or Walmart. I’ve often eyed the different hardware things, feeling an inexplicable attraction to them – metal washers, eye bolts, hooks… what would I do with them? Now I know!!!!! Check out Sew Many Ways! I love her ideas!

These little tins – have started an avalanche of organizing and re-arranging in the sewing room. You’ve all been thru this with me before 🙂

I also have a very large package coming – full of goodies galore and treats that I can’t even describe. It should be here in a week or so, and I’ll share the fun with you 🙂