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BOM Challenge is BACK!!!!

April 9, 2009

After a brief break, the Cotton Spice BOM Challenge is BACK! Linda has designed a fabulous scrappy basket quilt in neutral colors and I think you are going to LOVE it!

We have a full roster of awesome designers, who have designed some really cool basket blocks. If you like Basket Quilts, you must get in on this one.

The first block is up and waiting!


Cotton Spice is online!

March 4, 2009

If you go to you’ll find the cover of the March issue, click on it and you’ll be taken to the download page for the March 09 issue!

March Cotton Spice

March 3, 2009

is at the Proofreaders! I may have a few things to correct, but basically it’s finished!!! It’s always such a good feeling when I’m done.

To celebrate the completion, I opened a little online shop HERE

Art Fire is really a pretty awesome place. It’s fun and very interactive. Extremely easy to do. And Cheap. I know we’re not supposed to use the ‘c’ word, but it is. I see no reason to call it anything else. It feels homey. If you want to sign up and get a shop of your own, please  put me down as the referrer. (KarenGass) I get points or free stuff or something 🙂

Back to the sewing room! 🙂


September 2008 Cotton Spice is online!

September 17, 2008

You can download the September issue over at Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine   Once you get there, click on the link right there on the magazine and it’ll take you to the download page.  112 pages packed with projects, articles and stories. A very special Sunflower Section – don’t want to miss that!

Now… back to pincushions! Did you see this one? Rhonda made it. Her blog is definitely worth a trip over there, her handwork is exquisite! Beautiful 🙂 


I’d love to see your pincushions. Leave a comment with a link to your blog. Over 700 people downloaded the pincushion directions, hopefully a few of you have made them 🙂

Here’s a plug for my good friend Tammy, who does all the techy work on Cotton Spice. She is an absolute wiz at marketing and has a neverending supply of creative and fantastic ideas. If you have a quilt shop – online or off – or have a friend who does, she is now offering her marketing services for all you quilt shop owners.  Quilt Shop Marketing is a gold mine of information and believe me, I know! I did editing for her and I know what’s in there. Well worth your time and dollars, especially in this shaky financial period we are experiencing here in the US. Hop on over and check it out!

Now that the magazine is DONE 🙂 I can relax for awhile. I’m working on some Christmas presents, which I can’t talk about until after Christmas.

Have you seen the blogs that were awarded the Cotton Spice Blogging Awards? They are listed in the magazine, but here’s a sneak peek –

Best Tutorial Blog 

Best Quilting Blog and Judy has a free pattern for all you Cotton Spice readers!

Best Charity Knitting Blog

Go visit them, leave a comment with some Cotton Spice love!

Have a GREAT day!

The CS Designers Club

June 25, 2008

Hi all….

If you’ve tried to access the Designers Club from the link in the magazine, you’ve found out it didn’t work! Here is the correct link:

I am amazed!!!!

June 23, 2008

The goal is always to get more traffic for the Cotton Spice website/magazine to get and keep advertisers in order that we can continue. Without advertisers or winning the lottery, we won’t be able to keep going. Last week I got some stats together for Nicole (our salesperson) and I AM AMAZED!!!!

Look how far we’ve come –

March 1-13, 2007: 1199 unique visitors

March 1-13, 2008: 4800 unique visitors

…from the end of March until June 21, 08… are you ready? 37, 764 unique visitors …. THUD!!!!

Since we don’t advertise anywhere (can’t afford it) the growth is due to word of mouth. You guys are telling your friends, and family, passing along the news that a new issue of Cotton Spice is out and it’s just spreading like wildfire!!!! Thank you. Thank you.

I take all your comments very seriously. When I uploaded the June 08 issue, it was about 22 MB. For some reason, it didn’t penetrate into my mind this was a pretty large file. I got an email from Gloria at CyberQuilters saying some of her list members wouldn’t be able to download the magazine due to it’s size. Well, duh! I quickly remedied the situation and uploaded a file that was about 3 MB. Hopefully there were some happy CyberQuilters!

The point is – if you email me about something, I will do what I can to fix it, write it, delete it or whatever needs to be done.

So.. thank you again…

What’s in store for our next issue in Sept 08? For one, a Sunflower Festival. Several patterns for making your own Sunflower project, from punchneedle to quilting. There will be links to awesome Sunflower patterns for sale. Even an Idea’s section to ignite your creativity in designing your own Sunflower project.

A very cool Christmas Tree skirt made from Poodle Noel fabric designed by Yolanda Fundora.

Along with our regular columns, plus even more! Stay tuned.

What’s coming up on this blog? The Summer Workshop! Remember the Last Minute Gift Countdown we did last November? We’re doing another one. July 21 – Aug 3 The Summer Workshop. Designers of quilts, usables, knit items, paper crafts, stitchery will be gathering here to share a free project with you. Quick, fun projects you can do inbetween running to the ball park with the kids, and going to the library and taking the whole gang to the pool, you need some creative time. This is it!

Have a lovely week 🙂


June 16, 2008

Uh…. ok… I won’t make you guess what it stands for any longer than that! World Wide Knitting in Public Day! Last week was the first I’d ever heard of it. Turns out Saturday was the day! It was also the day for my Fiber Guild Meeting. We were meeting at the Powers Museum in Carthage, Mo. I think we were supposed to be doing some kind of demonstration, because the other 2 ladies that were at the meeting (a total of 3 when you count me) brought their spinning wheels. I don’t have one, but I got a great first row seat watching them spin. It was just incredible and I see myself learning this in the near or far future. I rode to Carthage with Robin, my friend who I met on the internet ( and it turns out we live about 3 blocks from each other! We have a wonderful time together and Saturday was no exception. After the meeting, we decided to go get something to eat and then find a shady place in the park and spend the afternoon visiting and knitting. (in public) 🙂

We took a little tour of the museum before we left and it was quite a fascinating place. There were several displays of dresses and lace. We studied those dresses and took in all the intricate details – just fabulous dresses. I wish I’d had my camera.

They had one quilt hanging up and it was beautiful. It was an appliquéd whole cloth quilt, hand quilted and gorgeous.  I couldn’t find a picture of it on the website, but this page tells a very interesting story of 2 other quilts she made.

I got quite a bit done on my Summer Sampler Scarf, and some progress made on the current PIF project I’m making. (That progress had to be ripped out the next day as I found many mistakes) 😦

Visit our Quilt Along!  And have a wonderful day 🙂

June Cotton Spice is online

June 10, 2008

Is on the website! Go to and click on the picture of the cover and that will take you to the download page. Click on June 2008 and viola… in a few minutes you’ll have it! We are also considering doing a web-version of the magazine, you can see a sample at this link. There would be no PDF file to download. If this is something you’d want on a regular basis, I need to hear it from you. 🙂 Email me!

Enjoy… tell your friends 🙂

Knitting: Pattern 1 of Summer Sampler Study Going to start Pattern 2 right now!



What a relief! The June issue is finished :)

June 6, 2008

Last night, I finished the June issue of Cotton Spice. I sent it to the proofreaders for one last go-over and as soon as I get it back, it’ll be posted on the website. Stay tuned!

This last weekend, I made a ‘toybox’ for our little granddaughter. It’s simply a basket, and Jack used to keep his toys in it, but I thought it needed to be spruced up a little for girl toys 🙂



I also finished the scarf I was making for my sisters birthday, which is today. Happy Birthday Kris! (she is blogless, or I’d share that with you cause she is one talented lady!)


I used Elann Baby Cashmere and it is just luscious!  And the pattern is named Sinuate and best of all – it’s Free!

Today, I’ll be working on the Summer Sampler Study I’m doing with Bad Cat Designs.  I just love her designs. Have I shown you pictures of my Isis shawl – in progress? This is also her design – beautiful!


I’m using up odds and ends of sock yarn, and it’s bigger now, but this is the latest picture I have of it. I haven’t had any time to work on it lately, and I miss it. I’ll be getting back to it.

I also made 3 quilt designs for the magazine – here’s a preview of one of them….


Well, have a lovely weekend, and June 2008 Cotton Spice will available later today – check back!

Laundry and more laundry…

March 3, 2008

pink-lily.jpgI know I’ve been MIA. When we got back from Idaho, the basement was flooded. It was a few days before we could get a plumber out here and I couldn’t do laundry until after that was fixed. Well, you know how the laundry situation is after a week long trip. Dire! Plus, what we already had here, and Riley’s laundry for a week. Three days later the plumber came and fixed it. Then, the weather changed and fibro flare up and wow… laundry was last on my list!

However, we ran out of clothes. So… gather the laundry, separate it all – covered the kitchen floor – and 3 DAYS later – right now in fact – I have the last load in the dryer. Oh. My. Gosh!!!!! I never want to do laundry again!

Mikes new cooking project: Tamales! Oh boy, I can’t wait! He’s bought all the stuff. Wednesday I’ll cook the meats, and Thursday he’ll make tamales. I’ve figured out he loves the complicated recipes just like I like to tackle an interesting knitting or quilting project. It’s the challenge!

The March issue of Cotton Spice is nearly finished… it should be online later this week. It’s so pretty 🙂 I always say that.

So, what do you think of American Idol this year? I can’t think of one guy I like, except perhaps Michael Burns. Too many little boys. What gets me is the judges say “Be yourself!” Well, at that age, they have no idea who they are, how can they sing something that is authentic to themselves? In the women, I really like Asia (I know that’s not how you spell her name) and not because she’s from Joplin! 🙂 I like her anyway. I love Brooke, and that’s about it.

Well, we’re in the middle of ‘weather’. Snow, wind, freezing rain.. you name it.

I got some new projects coming up you might be interested in. They’ll be announced in the March issue, and I’ll put them on here too.

Have a great day! 🙂