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My Post Office CARES About ME!

October 10, 2008

Some time ago, I received this in the mail –


It’s a newsletter from a quilt guild (in case you can’t tell) Turn it over and I find out how the Post Office really feels…


Just in case you’re wondering, I haven’t tried to put it together to see if it’s readable (smiling, tongue in cheek)

In other news, Tuesday I shipped 2 quilts for our Macuwita sni project. Rochelle’s quilt (which is so awesome)


and one of mine that was finished – (that’s a riley behind the quilt) 🙂


it’s never too late to join in this project. Here is the information Even though it’s nearing 80 degrees today in Joplin, MO – in South Dakota it’s already getting cold. My mom, who lives in Idaho said it was spitting snow yesterday. If you don’t have electricity, or very little income, you’re not going to use your heat until it’s really, really cold. Let’s do what we can to keep these people warm. It’s awful to be cold.


First Quilt Arrived for Macuwita Sni project!

June 30, 2008


Our first quilt has arrived and is it a beauty! Rochelle Martin is the quiltmaker. I’ve spoken to all the other quiltmakers and their quilts are ‘in-progress’. I have two tops ready to go, I just need to purchase batting.

Are you interested in providing some warm quilts for the elders in our Macuwita sni project? We’d love to have you… the more the better!