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Breast Health Awareness Project, Block 6

May 12, 2008

graphic.bmpA Belated Happy Mothers Day to all you who are Mom’s!!! Today we feature our Much Loved Coordinator – Kathryn Ramirez – block for the Breast Health Project. Kathryn has done an outstanding job and I simply can’t say enough how much I appreciate her work. Visit her site Penelope’s Pride Quilts.

forget-me-not-crown.JPG You can download the file for this design – penelopespridequilts_forgetmenotcrown.pdf

Now, there are 6 Gorgeous blocks to choose from – which one, or twelve, did you decide to make? 🙂

This part of the project is where you come in – We want to make and auction off enough quilts to make a great donation to a Breast Health Charity of Your choice! We can’t do this alone!

If you or your best friend, maybe your sister, mother, grandmother has been affected in some way by breast cancer, this is a way for you to fight back. Even if you haven’t been touched by breast cancer in your family or circle of friends, you still need to fight. And why not do it by doing what you do best? Quilting.

We would love to hear your stories. We’ll celebrate recovery with you. We’ll grieve the losses with you. We’ll be there to hold your hand – virtually – through the treatment process.

Whether you decide to make a block or not, post your story on your blog. Please take our graphic to display on your blog and let’s spread the word about our own little war against Breast Cancer. We want to focus on Breast Health, but we won’t ignore the fact that for many women, and some men too, focusing on the prevention is not an option. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we could wipe out breast cancer in our lifetime? If they had the funds needed to research and come up with a cure or a vaccination or a prevention program, it could be a reality. This may not touch us, in our lifetime, but what about our daughters and granddaughters? Many times women won’t do things for themselves, but they will move heaven and earth to do for their children, so do it for yours, for the future of your family.

If you post your story, link below and let us all share in it!


Breast Health Awareness Project, Block 5

May 5, 2008

graphic.bmpToday, Sue Cook of Larkspur Lane Designs joins us. You may remember her from past Cotton Spice issues. Sue is the paper piecing diva, you’ll have a lot of fun with this block. Visit her website Larkspur Lane Designs and you can download her block instructions here! larkspurlanedesigns_pinkstar.pdf


One more designer to come, so stay tuned!

Breast Health Awareness Project, Block 4

April 30, 2008

graphic.bmpCrystal from Wilderness Quilter brings us our 4th block. April showers do indeed bring May flowers but until then, grab your umbrella! Download the PDF file here – wildernessquilter_inaprilremember.pdf


So, which is your favorite block so far?

How Can YOU participate in the Breast Health Awareness Project?

April 26, 2008

graphic.bmpJust as this issue affects all of us, so to, can all of us participate. Our project coordinator, Kathryn Ramirez, who, incidentally has done a bang up job putting this altogether, has outlined the project on her new blog. Stop by and visit her blog, it’s really awesome! She’s getting read to make a big move in her life – to China! Be sure to follow her new adventures, they are bound to be exciting!

So… back to the subject 🙂 You can read all the nitty gritty details on Kathryn’s blog but basically here it is in a nutshell. As we post the blocks that have been designed especially for this project, note which one you like best and would like to make yourself!

Make blocks and send them to our quiltmakers. Quilts will be made and auctioned off with proceeds going to someone’s favorite Breast Health/Research charity.

Everyone who makes a block and sends it in will be featured here on my blog. We’ll include a link back to your blog or site, and we invite everyone to share their own personal story about survival and/or prevention.

This blog gets about 20,000 visitors a month. That’s a lot of people to reach on this important subject.

Please join us.

Breast Health Awareness Project, Block 3

April 23, 2008

graphic.bmpButtonhole Quilt Design – the home of Tomorrow’s Heirlooms Today has designed todays block. Pam has some really fun quilt patterns on her site – tulips, fish…turtles…. what’s not fun about them? 🙂 Also, some very sweet ballet slippers and a fun log cabin-like umbrella quilt. Well, you just better go check them out yourself.

Pam has also taken the time out of her busy schedule to design a wonderful block for our Breast Health Awareness Project – maybe this one is your favorite? 🙂 Download her PDF file here –buttonholequiltdesign_tulipsofpromise.pdf


Have a wonderful day!

Breast Health Awareness Project, Block 2

April 18, 2008

graphic.bmpAnita Eaton Salvatori is our next designer. She is starting her website here Stop by and support her as she starts sharing her awesome designs with us. Anita is a talented artist and does more than quilt! Download Anita’s block here radiationgown.pdf Stay tuned for details on how YOU can be involved in this project. I’ll leave you with a little clue – start keeping track of your favorite blocks….


Breast Health Awareness Block #1 – Kathy Mack

April 14, 2008

graphic.bmpHave you visited Pink Chalk Studio? This is one of my favorite blogs/sites. Kathy always has something fun and interesting going on there. The link to her blog has been in my list of links since the beginning. Kathy is a talented designer and I know you’ll enjoy her design for our Breast Health Awareness Month of April. kathy-mack-block.jpg

Download the PDF file pinkchalkstudio_squarefenceblock-2.pdf You will need Adobe Reader, which is free and can be gotten HERE! It only takes a minute to download and install, and then you’re on your way.

Visit Kathy’s blog and thank her for contributing such a great design.

Have a wonderful day!

Edited 4-15-08: I don’t want to interrupt the project, but if you hop on over to Cottage Quilt Designs, owner Rochelle Martin has published her interview with me. If you ever wanted a little of the back story on Cotton Spice, she got it out of me! 🙂

Welcome to Breast Health Awareness Month

April 10, 2008

graphic.bmphere at Cotton Spice! All month long we’ll be sharing stories of survival and some very talented quilt designers will be sharing original quilt block designs. The first one – Monday, April 14.

Please feel free to take our graphic and display it on your own blog. Link to this blog (

If you have stories of your own, please feel free to share them here or on the designer of the day’s blog.

Breast Health is not something we keep in October. We need to focus on Breast Health, and Women’s Health in general, all year long.

See you Monday!