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Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Happy Handmades

May 25, 2009

I’d like to introduce you to Christy, the creative mind behind Happy Handmades!  You can visit her blog “Sweet Tidings” and her Artfire Shop

  I’m a 30 something professional photographer, crafter and jill of all trades! I’ve always loved to craft ever since I was a little girl. I love sewing and fabric crafts and sometimes i love to dabble in scrapbooking and painting!


Look at this cute little package of lace and buttons!


FQ of Mushroom Garden Japanese Fabric – is this cute or what?

I just grabbed these 2 items from her shop to display here – but her shop is full of things like this. And her blog is just adorable. Already Pink and Green – and full of great pictures and links to FABULOUS  sites you don’t want to miss. I even saw some pictures of brownies… 🙂

See you tomorrow!


Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Callidora

May 24, 2009

I’d like to introduce you to Terri Collins, the creator and owner of Callidora’s. Her blog, Callidora’s Closet and her Artfire shop are full of interesting and unique items.

I’m Terri Collins, owner of Callidora’s, and a homeschooling mother of 4.  I love to sew, knit, and read novels.  I learned how to sew as a teenager and before the onset of the internet, I had an alterations business, but mostly I sewed for myself, family and friends.  I made lots of baby clothes, curtains, and pillows!  When we moved from Arizona back to Virginia, sewing took a backseat and I was working full time as a Human Resources Manager.  When my children’s education became my primary focus, I turned back to sewing as a source of income – and voila!  Callidora’s was born.

 I specialize in women’s clothing and accessories.  I make handbags and hats, business wear, casual, and formals.  A lot of my business has been custom work – everything from steampunk laptop bags to coats to movie copies.  I most enjoy working on re-creations, either designer copy or copies of dresses, coats, or gowns seen on TV or in movies.  I also love to create Regency era gowns, and dresses from the 1930s and 1950s!  Some of my custom work can be viewed at my Gallery at My greatest joy is the email I get once a customer has received their custom piece and they are thrilled beyond all expectations 🙂



Terri is offering 2 prizes on her blog for this blog tour – the cute pink purse and this darling little apron! You better hurry on over there and leave a comment!

Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Be The Thread

May 22, 2009

I’d like to introduce you to, Beth Hagemeyer of Be The Thread

and her Artfire Shop

Hi!  I’ve been around fabric since I was a baby on my mother’s lap, but didn’t claim sewing for myself until recently.  I began quilting about seven years ago, when a friend of ours was pregnant.  What’s more inspiring to the creative process than a new baby?!  A couple years ago, I got an embroidery machine and started making baby blankets for friends and family.  I have now expanded my business to include many other baby & child items.  I thrive on the creativity of custom orders.  I love playing with fabric, exploring colors, and making specialty items.  I have also recently started offering sewing classes in people’s homes.  It is fun to be teaching again! My business, be the thread, is not just about custom pieces – it’s about encouraging the creativity in my customers.  I want them to be a part of the process too! I look forward to “meeting” you!


How would you like to have one of these for your very own? Beth is holding a giveaway on her blog – hurry on over and sign up!


Her Artfire shop is full of the cutest baby things, appliqued onesie’s, bags, hats, little t-shirts – every single one of them is just darling. This is a good place to stock up on birthday presents for your nieces and  nephews, and your best friends little one.

See you tomorrow! 🙂

Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Pelecy Pods

May 21, 2009

I’d like to introduce you to Betty, the creator of Pelecy Pods.

Her Artfire shop

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One year at our local state fair I saw Georgia Bonesteel selling her first quilt book and of course I had to buy one. This was before she became famous and yes, I still have book. Georgia had a purse design in her book and I made one and took it to work and everyone wanted me to make them one. I started making these and sold purses for about a year.

One of my sister-in-law’s made beautiful quilts and wanted to teach me to make them. This was before the rotary cutter, we had to cut everything with scissors. What a job!

I made three baby quilts and that was it for me.

Then about a year later I went with her to a quilt shop and the owner showed her a new tool called a Rotary Cutter. My sister-in-law bought one and later that day she called me to come over to her house and try this new tool out.

I drove to her house and as soon as I cut fabric with this new tool I immediately drove back to the quilt shop and bought myself a Rotary Cutter.

I have been making quilts ever since.


Well, since Betty bought that first rotary cutter – she has been turning out some GORGEOUS quilts! My goodness, take a look at this woman’s blog! She also has pictures of a 9-Patch flower quilt that is totally hand sewn (no sewing machine) and quilted – just to see how our great grandmothers did it! Awesome!

And in her Artfire shop, she not only has quilts, but pillows, lavender sachets, and ACEO’s.

A – art
C – card
E – editions
O – originals
It’s a collectible, affordable piece of art that measures exactly 2.5 x 3.5 inches (like a hockey card)

1. frame it and stick it on your favorite wall
2. trade it with your other cool friends
3. prop it up in a little tiny easel
4. use it as a bookmark, so that you can admire it every time you drift off while reading…
5. hide it away in a box until I get really famous
6. once I’m famous, haul it out and sell it on eBay

And Betty has some AWESOME cards – WOW!

See you tomorrow!

Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Stitch ‘n Love

May 20, 2009

 I’d like to introduce you to Christie, from Stitch ‘n Love

and her Artfire shop

I am a National Guard wife and a mom to a total of six kids, four that I gave birth to and two that I did not, but my heart doesn’t see a difference. They range in ages of 19, 16, 14, 12, 3, and 1. Some are here all the time, some are here not so all the time, but we are a family no matter what. Having mostly boys, the house is bound to have a video game playing if we are at home. I started up Stitch N Love back in April of 2008 when it became apparent to me that working outside the home just wasn’t going to work for the family but I wanted to be able to contribute monetarily. My grandma suggested quilting after I made a few blankets for friends and I grew it into more. I quickly knew that online as the best place for me to start, so I created a website. I sell on several different sites, but Artfire is so far the one that I like the most. In my previous life, I was a kindergarten teacher and may go back when my baby is a bit older. I taught kindergarten for 5 years along with a year of 4th grade and a 4/5 multiage. I love working with children, it’s the politics of the public school system that burned me out. Right now, I am enjoying having my own small business and being home to watch ALL my kids grow up.


Christie’s  blog is full of darling pictures she has taken of her shop items – if you love baby things – HURRY! These are some the cutest I’ve seen! You know you always need baby things, for a shower, a new grandbaby – maybe your own! It doesn’t hurt to have a few little baby presents stashed away! You don’t always have time to go shopping – this is delivered to your door! Hurry… before they are all gone!

Christie also have a giveaway going on for the Blog Tour, and a sale….

See you tomorrow!

Sew What Guild Blog Tour – New England Quilter

May 19, 2009

I’d like to introduce you to Amy, the New England Quilter

Her Artfire Studio

I’m 35, my name is Amy. I grew up in Maine and now live in New Hampshire. I have quilted on and off (when I have the time and inspiration) for over 10 years. I love making homemade quilts, sewing, and other crafty projects. I love making fabric coiled baskets and my latest craft has been crocheting rag rugs and baskets. I love these crafts, because, like quilting, you can be very creative to achieve a unique piece of art. One of my favorite items in my shop is the Smiles Around the world memory matching game.


Other interests include hiking, basketball, swimming, cooking, finding sea glass at the ocean, and spending time with friends and family. I also have an Etsy Shop. Follow me on Twitter  or Plurk


Amy and her son – what a cutie patootie!!!


Here’s a headband from her Artfire shop.

Amy’s blog is full of pictures of her cutie patootie little boy, and his new fire truck bed, her handmade goodies and links to some awesome blogs.

Her Artfire shop is full of things for baby – quilts, diaper & wipes travel cozy, fabric blocks and beach balls, fun baskets and more headbands… my goodness this girl is busy!!

Head on over to visit Amy – see you tomorrow! 🙂

Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Tangle Your Hangers!

May 18, 2009



Please welcome Hiedi Lynn from Tangled Hangers!

The OFFICIAL name of her blog is –


Hiedi’s ArtFire shop:
HELLO & WELCOME TO TaNgLeD~HaNgeRs~DeSiGnS… ECO~FaSHioN… *ORiGiNaL* CLoTHiNg DeSiGnS… CaRiNg for OUR *MoTHeR~EaRTH* ~~ ONE~STiTcH at a TiMe.

We are an ECO~FRIENDLY BouTiQue creating FuNkY URBaN~BOHO~PRiNCeSS inspired CLoTHiNg with a FaSHioNaBLe~FLaiR FOR BOTH ADULTS & CHILDREN.
We strive to use Renewable and Sustainable resources in almost everything that We CReaTe. We PRouDLy support HEMP and other NaTuRaL and ORGaNiC FiBeRs.

CLOTHING is MY Specialty ~~ ORGaNiC CoTToNS and HeMP BLeNDs are FaVoRiTeS to CReaTe with. When possible, I ReCyCLe Quality Materials and FaBRiCs ~~ especially GReaT *ViNTaGe* FaBRiCs.  I have been SeWiNg & CRaFTiNg for over 15  years, paying GREAT attention to detail.  I FULLY BELIEVE IN QUALITY ~~ NOT QUANTITY.  With a Major in the ARTs & FaSHioN DeSiGn ~~ I continue to PeRFeCT MY *SKiLLs* on a regular basis.  SEWING IS MY PASSION… I AM ADDICTED TO FABRIC & VINTAGE~PATTERNS & ALL THINGS CRAFTY !!  ; *)



You can visit Tangled Hangers Artfire shop HERE

But first, head on over to her blog and see what she’s got going on over there. Heidi Lynn has one fun blog! All kinds of very cool, and colorful pictures, great ideas – Don’t miss this one!

Come one by tomorrow for more great blogs and shops!

Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Morumoto

May 17, 2009

Please welcome Naomi to the Sew What Guild Blog Tour!

Morumoto is the name of my blog

My name is Naomi P., my Artfire shop

I’m an artist who’s been drawing for years but recently started making plushies.  An avid fan of guinea pigs and other small squeaky critters, I was disappointed at how hard it was to find any figurines or plushies or anything representing them.  I resolved to make some of my own.  Searching through fabric stores I procured faux furs that look and feel like guinea pigs do, and set out to create a series of life-like piggy plushies.  After making baby guinea pigs and adult-sized piggies I went onto mouse plushies.  I’ve even made custom plushies that look just like people’s pets, and I’m currently working on a rat pattern.  I’m hoping to work my way up to the evolutionary plush ladder and make a capybara one of these days.

I’ve attached a pic of my Pinkie plushie.  When she heard there was a pink and green she just had to get involved.  Thank you very much!


Wow! If I didn’t know better, I’d say that was a REAL guinea pig! Naomi’s blog is full of these cute little critters! She’s got 2 shops – one on Etsy and one on Artfire. Of course, we’re plugging the Artfire shop, since that’s where we’re from 🙂 but I’m sure she’d be happy with a sale at either site!

Today is the day to visit Naomi’s blog – Morumoto! See you tomorrow!

Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Karen’s Creations

May 16, 2009

I’d like to introduce you to Karen Tiveron, the artist behind Karen’s Creations.

Although I have always enjoyed sewing, painting, drawing and photography, it was only about 3 years ago that I became seriously involved with arts and crafts. I went to a high school for the arts, but after university and grad school I became so focused on my career that I forgot about paying attention to life-work balance. Eventually I realized that I needed a hobby, so I dusted off my sewing machine and took some sewing classes and other crafting workshops. I am inspired by interesting and unique fabrics, which is why I recently started hand-decorating my own material. When I’m trying out something new, I’ve come to accept that trial and error is part of the creative process, and with some patience and perseverance, something wonderful will
(eventually!) emerge.

You can see Karen’s Artfire Shop HERE

I had a wonderful time browsing through her Blog. Karen is a librarian, and has more than 1 online shop, AND does craft shows! I need to find out what vitamins she takes, she is a bundle of energy – creative energy!!! Be sure you read about the cards she’s making and the new button machine! WOW! I’ve got to look into one of those – it looks like tons o’ fun.

Are you a Blythe fan? So is Karen. I won’t tell you what’s in her Artfire shop, you’ll have to discover it on your own. Be prepared to become addicted!

And here is just a little taste of what she’ll be showcasing –


Is this just about the cutest little purse? I love it! Ok, one more picture –


Your task for today – go visit Karen’s Creations blog by clicking on THIS LINK, Karen will give you your next destination!

See you tomorrow, when I’ll take you to another new shop!

Sew What Guild Blog Tour – VaBeachQuilter

May 15, 2009

I’d like to introduce you to Kim Brinsfield,  the VaBeachQuilter!

  I’m a quilter, at heart, but have had fun making a large variety of other items. I “play” at a local quilt shop, 2-3 days a week, and teach a couple of classes a quarter. My busy season is June through December when I have numerous commissioned, and personal, quilts to make. January to May is my down season. Meaning that I’m too burnt out to even THINK of making quilts much less starting to work on any! I started selling, online, in mid-January and have been having a lot of fun ever since. I’ve been making quilted purses and accessories, lots of baby/children items, novelty pillowcases, household items, and lots more goodies. Just about anything in my shops can be custom made, just contact me.

Visit her Artfire shop here! It’s packed full of goodies – you’ll find some very cool things on every page!

I had a wonderful time reading Kim’s blog, she’s got some great information on there – recycling tips, and pictures of the awesome totes, bags and purses she makes. Take a look at this!


Quilted Purse with Amy Butler fabrics

Ok, head on over to Kim’s blog – she’ll take it from there!