About Karen

I’m Karen Gass, editor of Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine. I never planned on being an editor of anything, or publishing anything more than a new quilt pattern here and there. Life takes some odd turns sometimes!

One day Shannon said, “You should publish a quilting magazine!” She’s so funny! How come we ended up with a magazine? The more we talked about it, the more real it became. We started talking about a newsletter of sorts, maybe 8 pages, printed out here on home on my Epson printer. We ended up with a 35 page, full color glossy quilt magazine. We thought we’d start with – hopefully – 25-30 subscribers. Our first order was for 350 issue!!!!! And we’re sold out of those!

So, that’s how we came to be in the magazine business.

Mike and I were married a little over 3 years ago. He is the love of my life, and I’ve never been happier. You’ll find pictures of us on this blog to. I have more grandsons than anyone else 🙂 Ok, let’s count…. 3 live in Alaska, 3 live in Idaho, and 2 live here in Missouri. I love my little boys, but I’m open for some granddaughters! (the shopping is more fun!) NOTE: We now have a beautiful 6 month old granddaughter 🙂

I, now have 7 children!!! (wait, I have to sit down) Fortunately, all of them are grown up, except for Riley, who is 11.

We live in a big old house that is too big for me to take care of, and old enough to need TLC. But, we love it. It’s home. It’s comfy, it’s warm… and it’s home. It’s our world.

As you read the blog, you’ll realize we – Mike and I – are Cardinal Fans. BIG FANS!!!! Since I’m a new fan, I like to take a little tiny bit of credit for the Cardinals winning the World Series… I think my added cheers had something to do with it. I’m sure of it.

Mike and I love to watch Emeril, and Iron Chef America and we are HUGE Good Eats/Alton Brown fans….We’re always trying out some recipe we saw on TV. Mostly Mike is, and boy is he a GOOD cook!

I love to write, knit, sew and quilt… and publish Cotton Spice! There are many plans for this publication, so don’t go far!

Karen Gass

4 Responses to “About Karen”

  1. Cristina Says:

    Karen I want to learn quilting, it´s so lovely. Cristina

  2. Cristina Says:

    Karen, my son and me are Cardinal Fans. My son Matias plays baseball in Italy, in Vercelli, here in Argentina, baseball isn´t a popular sport but he learned how to play it with a Puerto Rico´s Manager, and at the edge of 11 he went to USA to played baseball with others country and he visited Cardinal´s Stadium, now he´s 24, but that experience was unforgotable, I want to suscribe at your magazine, may I? Kind regards cristina

  3. Judy Boddy Says:

    Hi Karen, Where would i find the pattern your using for your Isis Shawl ? Thanks so much, Judy from Alaska

  4. Karen (aka Mitford Farmmom) Says:

    Hi Karen!! Remember the good ol’ Mitford days??!! I think the last time I had contact with you was when I bought a quilt top from you over Ebay for our oldest son and his wife just before they got married. I still have some scraps of the borders laying around in my stashes. It was good to read about Cotton Spice! You have a beautiful website!

    And my Shannon, who told me I would never have to worry about being mother-of-the-bride, is getting married on June 27th, in VA. It is so very exciting!

    I’d love to hear from you!

    ~karen from WI

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