Countdown to Christmas – Day 2 (Giveaway!)

So many things going on today! First of all…. the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway!


We (me, Susan and Melissa) are giving away this gorgeous, hand knit shawl. How can you be entered into our drawing? Well, there are a number of ways –

  • Leave a comment on this post for 1 entry
  • Make a purchase from the Cotton Spice ePattern Shop for 5 entries
  • Put our graphic on your blog for another 5 entries (email me with the location) Graphic found at end of post.
  • Our Giveaway will be open until Dec 6! There will be a new post everyday with the new ePattern on sale that day. If you comment on each days post…. You’ll receive another 25 entries! Awesome!
  • And…if you purchase the PDF Pattern featured each day…. are you ready? 100 entries! (Dec 2-6)
  • Be sure to leave your name and email address when you comment. The email address isn’t shown to the public, but if I have no way of contacting you when you win, I have to go to the next person and that would be really sad for you- I don’t like sad people here at Cotton Spice, especially when I’m the one who made them sad!
  • And finally, for another 5 entries, subscribe to the Cotton Spice Blog – over there on the right at the top where it says Subscribe to the Cotton Spice blog….

So, what about this shawl? It’s made from 100% merino wool, lace wt yarn. It’s super soft and cuddly. It may not look like it has lots of warmth… but it does. The wool is warm and the little holes in the lace trap the warm air and keep it so that you can be warm! I made this shawl during the Summer Squares Suite featured on BadCatDesigns blog this last summer. It’s just about 32″ square.

And here is the pattern that is on sale today….


A beautiful lace shawl from Bridgett at Rambling Designs. Gorgeous!


Here is our graphic, please take it! 🙂 Then link to


96 Responses to “Countdown to Christmas – Day 2 (Giveaway!)”

  1. Willa Says:

    Beautiful shawl.
    Good workmanship.

  2. Pam A Says:

    How pretty!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Wow. What a gorgeous shawl! Awesome work!

  4. D'Ann Says:

    I would love to win this shawl! What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  5. adriane Says:

    This pattern is really lovely! Looks like a nice big shawl too, great for cozy mornings.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Tara Says:

    Wow the shawl is beautiful! Lots of hours went into that! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Olivia Says:

    You do beautiful work! The shawl is gorgeous! I would love to win it!

  8. Joffre Says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for doing this!

  9. Cortney Says:

    Wow what a pretty shawl!

  10. rlbates Says:

    Your shawl is absolutely beautiful!

  11. grace Says:

    WOW! This would be an amazing win. My daughter is obsessed with shawls b/c Mary and Laura Ingalls always wear them. They also borrow Ma’s shawl sometimes. So this would be a hit in our house.

  12. Coralee Says:

    oooh, I’ve always wanted a shawl! thanks for the chance to win!

  13. carrie Says:

    this is beautiful! and i love your day 2 of the countdown! thanks 🙂

  14. karina Says:

    oh, this shaw looks so comfy and just asking to put it on. thanks for the chance

  15. karina Says:

    i subscribe , will it be count?:)

  16. Allison Says:

    Wow that is a beautiful shawl!

  17. Darlene Says:

    Beautiful shawl. Wonderful work!!

  18. Becky Says:

    That is a beautiful shawl. Perfect for cool evenings in Florida!

  19. Heather Says:

    Wow this is so generous of you to be giving away! That would have been a lot of work!
    Happy holidays!

  20. Jenna Z Says:

    Yum, gorgeous colors!

  21. michele maxhimer Says:

    oh, i hope i win. sooo pretty

  22. Jill Says:

    beautiful shawl!

    What a great giveaway! I’d love to be entered 🙂

    jillybean7681 at gmail dot com

  23. Lisa Says:

    Beautiful shawl – what a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  24. hana Says:

    Would love to be entered. So pretty~

  25. Crystal Says:

    You are very talented!! I would love to win it!

  26. Jennifer Says:

    This is beautiful!


  27. Steph W Says:

    How gorgeous! Thank you for your generosity!

  28. Miss Prickly Says:

    You are so talented! That is a beautiful shawl. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. djaj Says:

    This is more than a great giveaway… What a wonderful shawl !

  30. Bunny Says:

    Simply beautiful. I definitely would love to win this shawl! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  31. Mama Lusco Says:

    Very pretty! Thanks for the giveaway. alusco(at)centurytel(dot)net

  32. Libby Johnson Says:

    What an absolutely beautiful work of art. I would be honored to own it.

  33. AlwaysInspired Says:

    Beautiful shawl!

  34. Christin Says:

    Lovely prize!! Thanks!
    christinbanda at yahoo dot com

  35. wendy Says:

    Wow, you do great work! It’s so gorgeous! Love your blog.

  36. KimberlyFDR Says:

    That’s very pretty!

  37. Jen Says:

    Love the color combo, I just want to wrap myself in it right now!

  38. Marjorie Says:

    Very pretty. Please enter me.

  39. Sandy Says:

    That is so beautiful, what a generous giveaway!

  40. Sara Says:

    That is a great giveaway. I’ve wanted a shawl for ever – and haven’t ever knit one….

    nhsarab at yahoo dot com

  41. SheilaC Says:

    That shawl is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! (pick me!!!)

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter!



  42. SheilaC Says:

    I added your button to my blog



  43. sara Says:

    That is really beautiful!

  44. Max Says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! What a generous giveaway – thank you!

    mc.crafty.bunny at gmail dot com

  45. Paige Hill Says:

    That shawl is simply gorgeous!

  46. Holly Says:

    That is really pretty and looks so warm and snuggly! Nice work.

  47. Bec Clarke Says:

    Wow that is so nice, we breed Merino Wool sheep here in Australia so It’s nice to see people using it and appreciating it.
    I love your shop too. E-patterns are great for me as I live a long way from town and do alot of my shopping online.

  48. elyse Says:


  49. Sarita Says:

    what a lovely warm shawl coming up into the cold holiday season! i’d be very happy if i were to win this! *grin* thanks for posting such a nice giveaway 🙂
    sarita0818 at comcast dot net

  50. Ammie Says:

    Wow, that shawl is gorgeously detailed! What a generous giveaway.

    ammieloris at hotmail dot com

  51. Myrnie Says:

    What a beautiful shawl!

  52. Shanda Says:

    So beautiful is the only thing to describe it! Thanks.

  53. Kimberly Says:

    Lovely work!

  54. Allyson Says:


  55. Trudy Callan Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I am also doing a giveaway. I have two blogs, and

    My 9 year old daughter is having a giveaway on her sewing blog as well,

    Hope you’ll stop by and have a look around and enter our giveaways.

    Have a blessed day.


  56. Bonnie C Says:

    I would love to win the shawl, not for me but I am taking knitted lap robes, Quilted lap robes, and croched shaws to a nursing home for Christmas. I work all year to have a box ready to deliver in December. The residents appreciate something warm to wrap around their shoulders.

  57. bird Says:

    what a generous giveaway! you do some amazing detailed lacework! thanks for particpating!

  58. marie saborio Says:

    it is beautiful, thanks

  59. Angela Says:

    That shawl is so gorgeous!!!

  60. Angela Says:

    And, I subscribed to your blog in my google reader.

  61. Corvus Says:

    What a beautiful shawl! I’ve never knit one (yet!)- I lack much in the way of lace experience. Some day, though!

  62. crissy Says:

    this shawl is beautiful, thank you for the chance to win!

  63. gill Says:

    wow what a beautiful shawl!
    i can’t knit at all!
    gill x

  64. Becky Says:

    Lovely shawl, and merino wool too! Hope I’m the lucky winner

  65. Desiree Says:

    That is gorgeous, are you sure you want to give it away? I would want to keep it. Thank you for the chance to win! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. -dez


  66. Julie Says:

    Oh, that is gorgeous! My house is so cold I can just imagine cuddling up with that.

  67. Carol Says:

    The shawl is beautiful………..and made up in two of my favorite colors! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  68. ~Helena~ Says:

    That is such a pretty shawl.

  69. Jessica Says:

    A shawl is something that I would never be able to make.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. sarah in the woods Says:

    Lovely! Thanks for the opportunity.

  71. Jodi Renshaw Says:

    I bet this shawl is so cozy. I would love it~~~

  72. Genevieve Says:

    Oh my goodness. This is so amazingly beautiful!!


  73. Emma Says:

    Oh my that shawl is amazing.
    Thankyou so much for having such an awesome giveaway!
    I will cross my fingers and toes,

    Emma x

  74. Kristin Says:

    That is lovely!

  75. Lisa Berends Says:

    That is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  76. Abby Says:

    Aww what a lovely shawl. Thanks for the giveaway! I love merino!

    reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

  77. shiki Says:

    PLease enter me. I’d love to own that gorgeous shawl! I love wool products.

    shiki6210 at gmail dot com

  78. Betsy Says:

    Lovely shawl! Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. Tracy C. Says:

    What a beautiful shawl! Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. Kendra Says:

    WOW!! This is a fantastic giveaway! I’m sure you put a lot of time into making this! Thank you!

  81. Terri Says:

    Lovely shawl!

  82. Patricia Says:

    Beatuiful! Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  83. Deb D Says:

    Wow, a beautiful prize you have created! Thanks for hosting such a generous giveaway.

  84. Wendy D. P. Says:

    The shawl is beautiful and so bright and fun! Thanks for sharing your blog and wonderful ideas with us!

  85. Julia Says:

    Oh I love shawls but can’t knit. Gorgeous!

  86. Candace Henderson Says:

    That is a great shawl! Thanks for the great giveaway! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  87. Lynn Osborne Says:

    It’s a beautiful shawl. Thanks for the chance to win!

  88. Linda Says:

    What a generous and special giveaway, thank you for participating.

  89. Kess Says:

    Ah, gorgeous shawl. I wish I could make something like this, but my abilities are very basic. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  90. Anna Says:

    What a stunning shawl- so very beautiful- someone is going to enjoy this lovely piece that you are giving away.
    Warmest regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

  91. Cindi Says:

    What a lovely handmade shawl. I would appreciate being entered in your delightful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  92. Cindi Says:

    I subscribed to your blog’s email newsletter.
    Again, many thanks!

  93. Lola Says:

    Your work is gorgeous!

  94. Shelley C Says:

    What a pretty shawl and I love wool! Here in northern Maine, our winters are LONG and cold. Would use this often about the house.

  95. Ginny Says:

    So pretty

  96. arlette Says:

    very pretty

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