Fun at the Baseball Game

We went to St. Louis last week and saw a Cardinals game on Friday night. Unfortunately, we lost 😦 But we had wonderful seats…right behind home plate!!!! On the top row, but still…. we had a great view of the field and the Arch!



If we looked straight ahead…there is the Arch! What a view!!!

and I did miss Stitch and Pitch Day by 3 days! but I still Stitched….


All four of us had our Cardinals shirts on – no doubt what we were in St. Louis for 🙂

I also visited 2 needlework shops, and took pictures of lots of flowers and pretty green growing things, which I’ll share on the Needlework Blog…come over and visit! (just give me some time to put them up) 🙂


One Response to “Fun at the Baseball Game”

  1. Dianeq Says:

    It is good to see someone crocheting at a ball game! My son plays football and I always take my crochet to the games. I am not a big football fan but love to see him play. Since this is his first year he usually only gets to play in the end of the 4th quarter if his team is winning by a wide margin. So I sit and crochet while he is not on the field actually playing. My husband thinks this is awful. But I just can’t stand to sit and have my hands idle.
    Have a Blessed Day,

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