The Best Cleaner in the WORLD!!!!!

I found this cleaning recipe on for getting out laundry stains. And it works! But I’ve also used it as a general cleaner – it cuts through grease like you wouldn’t believe! I used it to clean our fridge handles. They are white and slightly textured. Just textured enough to get dirt into the texture, but you can’t clean the dirt OUT of it! Saturday I sprayed some on, used a scrub brush to just move it around a little, suds it a bit so it would stick to a vertical surface. A few minutes later I wiped it off… Snowy White door handles!!!!

1/2 C white vinegar

1/2 C ammonia

1/2 C liquid detergent (I use Dawn)

1/2 C water.

I put all that in a spray bottle and clean away! It’s pretty concentrated, so you could add more water to it. But it you’re using it for stain removal, I wouldn’t want it any weaker.(Don’t use with bleach)


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