Ruby Contest


Ruby Magazine is holding the first of many contests! This contest will be: Create a slogan for Ruby! We need a good slogan to go after or below our name “Ruby”.

This contest is open to EVERYONE! You don’t have to be a subscriber, but we hope you’ll want to 🙂

The slogan should be succinct and capture the essence of Ruby. 12 words or less. The top 6 slogans will be chosen by the Editors of Ruby and then YOU will vote on the 6 slogans. The entry with the most votes will be our new Ruby slogan. AND!  You’ll win a free subscription to Ruby AND!!!!! (yes there’s more!) a Grand Prize Goodie Bag which has been created from top to bottom by the Editors of Ruby. We are all creative and crafty and many of us are making a fabulous ‘something’ for the bag – which will be an original design by Amy Designs! And filled with things I know you’ll love. (There will be a picture soon)

If you’d like to enter a slogan into the contest, please email it to   Ruby Contest

All slogans should be submitted by Aug 15 and the winner will be announced in the September issue.


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