Sweet Summer Knitting – Day 3


Hello everyone! I trust you’ve found some great yarn shops so far! This could also be labeled “Karen’s Favorite Yarn Places” 🙂

Well, today we are heading over to Scarves for All Reasons owned by Karen Austin. All of the really creative people are named Karen, have you noticed that? 🙂 Well, go on over and visit her blog – she’s got some awesome things going on!

Lucy, if you click on the last picture of the Flower Faire Shawl, it’ll take you to the page on Laura’s site where you can see it in really great detail 🙂


One Response to “Sweet Summer Knitting – Day 3”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Oh my another one goes into the Queue! That Flower Faire Shawl is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photo tip about the link. I’ve marked it down and truly am going to add it to my ever growing list of things I want to knit. I love, love, love lace knitting. Lace & socks. Socks & lace. Even socks made of lace.

    Karen’s site is lovely. Wish I had her model’s scarf too.

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