Miss Ruby is almost here!!!


July 1 is our target date and we are on schedule! We have subscribers waiting for the first issue, and the Ruby Editors are posting on their blogs about Ruby and their departments. This is a magazine unlike any you’ve ever seen!

When was the last time you saw paper dolls in a magazine? And coloring pages for kids AND Moms!?!?!?!? Mom’s like to color too!

We have Editors covering 14 departments – Cooking, Home, Devotions, Hobbies, Paper Dolls, Flat Sydney Adventures, Music, Continuing Story, Friends, Charity, Coloring Pages, Puzzles, Humor Column for Moms, Gardening, Homeschool, Stationery, and WAHM’s! (and more than I haven’t mentioned, you’ll just have to be surprised) 🙂

We have NO advertising EXCEPT the ads from WAHM’s – and your ads are FREE! If you’re a WAHM (or Grandma or woman or sister or aunt) send me your ad. It should be 4 x 4 and it can contain text, graphic and a link to your site/blog. It should be a PDF or a jpg. Preferably a PDF.

Visit the Ruby blog by clicking on the graphic above. Here is another graphic if you’d like to help us spread the word –


link it to http://magazineruby.wordpress.com

You can subscribe to Ruby right here –

A 1-year subscription is 13.75 and includes 6 issues – July, Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar, and May. They will also be available by single issue for 2.75 once the July issue is out. A subscription saves you some money.

We budgeted right down to the penny, with absolutely NO extra money in order to give you the lowest possible price. Things are tough now, economically, and you need all the help you can get! Ruby has a point of view that starts at frugal and builds on that. It’s assumed that we are going to be frugal – but frugal can be fun and we show you all those ways and more.

Come and join us! 🙂


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