Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Amy Designs

.hmmessage P { margin:0px; padding:0px } body.hmmessage { font-size: 10pt; font-family:Verdana } I’d like to introduce you to Amy Cavaness of Amy Designs and her Artfire Shop

     I’m Amy Cavaness of Amy Designs.  I live in (or just outside of) Marseilles, IL.  It’s like Mayberry RFD, but in Illinois on the Illinois River.  I’ve lived in lots of big towns and cities, and I’m loving the rural lifestyle now.  My husband and I live in a large house in the woods, overlooking a ravine.  Lots of wildlife–when our 4 dogs aren’t chasing them away!  Besides the dogs, we share our home with 2 of my 4 sons.  One just graduated from high school, the other will graduate next year.  Then both want to go off to college together.  I’ve also had 3 foreign exchange students who each stayed a year with us.  My older 2 sons share an apartment in a town about 20 min. away, and 1 of them spends weekends here.  So with the boys and all their friends coming and going, it’s a pretty busy household.
We have 2 horses boarded at a farm about a mile away.  My husband and I love trail riding and hope to start taking the horses and doing a little bit of primitive camping with them this summer.  (We just found out last summer how well they do overnight on the trail!)
My mom was extremely artistic and did all kinds of things from oil painting to making cards with pressed flowers under rice paper.  So creative adventures were supported at home.  I started sewing in about 6th grade, I’m 52 now….well, you can figure out how long that’s been!  I never liked math!
When my sons were very young I finally got a new sewing machine to replace the Kenmore I got when I was 14.  I loved doing machine embroidery and taking classes at my local Pfaff dealer.  She was extremely artistic and creative, too, so she really inspired me to explore.  I started doing silk ribbon embroidery by machine (she was writing a book) and all kinds of fun techniques.  I have a HUGE shelf of books that I peruse for ideas.  I also keep binders of things I tear out of magazines, and little journals of drawings and ideas.
Last year I started designing purses for a custom fabric handbag store–I really enjoyed doing that, but the economy has forced the recent closing of that store.  I have Wild Ginger Software (Pattern Master Boutique) that I use to design clothes that actually fit.
Occasionally over the years I’ve taught some classes, something I really love doing.  But with all the small fabric stores going out of business, it’s getting harder to find those opportunities.
My Artfire shop is my first really serious attempt to sell things and get a business going.  I’ve always wished I had more commissions, but not working outside the home, having no female relatives, and moving have all hindered me.  So this time I’m REALLY trying (picked a heck of a time to do so, tho, with the economy the way it is!!)  And starting next month I will be a vendor at a monthly French Country Market that’s starting up near here.  So I’m trying to increase my inventory, but haven’t gotten much of my new things posted in my studio yet.
If you actually read this all the way to the end, and post a comment, you could win a crazy patch handbag I created just for this tour! (Yes, it’s pink and green)  The 7th post wins it!  And thank all of you for visiting!


This is one of Amy’s quilts – just lovely! Amy’s blog has some great tutorials, check them out. And her Artfire Shop is just full of fun things for crafters.

See you tomorrow!


10 Responses to “Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Amy Designs”

  1. Kerry Says:

    what a lovely little quilt, the colours are really nice too. I’m off to visit Amy’s blog to see what else there is to see. Thanks for the introduction.

  2. Rachel Says:

    I can

  3. Rachel Says:


  4. Rachel Says:


  5. Rachel Says:


  6. Rachel Says:

    post and the

  7. Rachel Says:


  8. Crystal Says:

    I’d suggest not giving away which post will win if you ever offer a prize again. Discourages anyone posting after the winner and, as you can see, allows for stacking the deck. Good thing you didn’t say 70th post!!!

  9. Crystal Says:

    Amy – Just visited your Artfire shop and your stuff is just beautiful! Best of luck to you in your venture.

  10. Sherah K. Says:

    Hi! I was just stopping by to say hello and see what you are up to these days, you are so industrious and creative! I really enjoy stopping by and reading your blog! I looooveeee Lee Valley Tools too! 6 years ago i purchased a bunch of those for my sister’s wedding favors and filled them with white m&m’s and topped them with transparent silver heart stickers sooo cute! they’re also great for organizing eyeshadows (or other makeup powders) that have broken out of their containers… i’ve seen Martha Stewart use them for herbs too.. they are awesome!

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