Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Pelecy Pods

I’d like to introduce you to Betty, the creator of Pelecy Pods.

Her Artfire shop

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One year at our local state fair I saw Georgia Bonesteel selling her first quilt book and of course I had to buy one. This was before she became famous and yes, I still have book. Georgia had a purse design in her book and I made one and took it to work and everyone wanted me to make them one. I started making these and sold purses for about a year.

One of my sister-in-law’s made beautiful quilts and wanted to teach me to make them. This was before the rotary cutter, we had to cut everything with scissors. What a job!

I made three baby quilts and that was it for me.

Then about a year later I went with her to a quilt shop and the owner showed her a new tool called a Rotary Cutter. My sister-in-law bought one and later that day she called me to come over to her house and try this new tool out.

I drove to her house and as soon as I cut fabric with this new tool I immediately drove back to the quilt shop and bought myself a Rotary Cutter.

I have been making quilts ever since.


Well, since Betty bought that first rotary cutter – she has been turning out some GORGEOUS quilts! My goodness, take a look at this woman’s blog! She also has pictures of a 9-Patch flower quilt that is totally hand sewn (no sewing machine) and quilted – just to see how our great grandmothers did it! Awesome!

And in her Artfire shop, she not only has quilts, but pillows, lavender sachets, and ACEO’s.

A – art
C – card
E – editions
O – originals
It’s a collectible, affordable piece of art that measures exactly 2.5 x 3.5 inches (like a hockey card)

1. frame it and stick it on your favorite wall
2. trade it with your other cool friends
3. prop it up in a little tiny easel
4. use it as a bookmark, so that you can admire it every time you drift off while reading…
5. hide it away in a box until I get really famous
6. once I’m famous, haul it out and sell it on eBay

And Betty has some AWESOME cards – WOW!

See you tomorrow!


3 Responses to “Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Pelecy Pods”

  1. Christy Says:

    Lovely! I’m off to see Betty’s blog and shop now.. Her quilts look amazing!!

  2. Sew What Guild Blog Tour - Pelecy Pods « Sell On Ebay Fast Says:

    […] See the rest here: Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Pelecy Pods […]

  3. HIEDI })i({ Says:


    H })i({

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