Sew What Guild Blog Tour – Karen’s Creations

I’d like to introduce you to Karen Tiveron, the artist behind Karen’s Creations.

Although I have always enjoyed sewing, painting, drawing and photography, it was only about 3 years ago that I became seriously involved with arts and crafts. I went to a high school for the arts, but after university and grad school I became so focused on my career that I forgot about paying attention to life-work balance. Eventually I realized that I needed a hobby, so I dusted off my sewing machine and took some sewing classes and other crafting workshops. I am inspired by interesting and unique fabrics, which is why I recently started hand-decorating my own material. When I’m trying out something new, I’ve come to accept that trial and error is part of the creative process, and with some patience and perseverance, something wonderful will
(eventually!) emerge.

You can see Karen’s Artfire Shop HERE

I had a wonderful time browsing through her Blog. Karen is a librarian, and has more than 1 online shop, AND does craft shows! I need to find out what vitamins she takes, she is a bundle of energy – creative energy!!! Be sure you read about the cards she’s making and the new button machine! WOW! I’ve got to look into one of those – it looks like tons o’ fun.

Are you a Blythe fan? So is Karen. I won’t tell you what’s in her Artfire shop, you’ll have to discover it on your own. Be prepared to become addicted!

And here is just a little taste of what she’ll be showcasing –


Is this just about the cutest little purse? I love it! Ok, one more picture –


Your task for today – go visit Karen’s Creations blog by clicking on THIS LINK, Karen will give you your next destination!

See you tomorrow, when I’ll take you to another new shop!


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