The Great Inklingo Giveaway!

Do you Inklingo? It is a fabulous way to make quilts. The quilts we usually stay away from – Double Wedding Ring, Hexagon Quilts, Drunkards Path…etc. Inklingo lets you print the pieces AND stitching lines directly on your fabric. This is a huge timesaver, and gives you perfect sized pieces every single time!

So, the Inklingo Blog is having a giveaway!

 A number of Inklingoists have put together prizes for this, the first Great Inklingo Give-Away. In the following 16 posts, you will see a variety of prizes utilizing shapes from all the Inklingo collections we have to date. We all know that this kind of a revolutionary new product can seem a bit daunting and that people may be hesitant to try. Those of us who have been using Inklingo for a while or, in some cases, since day one (or before!) know what an absolutely fabulous product it is and we want to give you a chance to see for yourself just how simple it makes stitching great blocks and quilts!

What will you receive? You’ll receive the fabrics shown in the individual Give-Away post, prewashed and printed with the shapes needed for that prize. You will also receive a test piece of fabric showing the various ink colours available when printing with Inklingo, an illustration or photo or pattern for the project, and in some cases a page from the applicable Inklingo project with some extra stitching hints for that particular shape collection.

So! What are you waiting for? Go visit the blog and start commenting!


One Response to “The Great Inklingo Giveaway!”

  1. Loralynn Says:

    Wow! Great giveaway! Thanks for the heads up!

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