Lucy, the YoYo guarding cat

I received some YoYo’s in the mail today, from a lovely lady who works with CFAC, along with myself. I’m the YoYo lady there, if you have the inclination to make YoYo’s, you send them to me, and I make quilt-lets out of them. So, anyway, I got some in the mail today.

I was in the middle of a big sewing room rehab. I’d put some empty baskets etc in the entry  way to make room for my manuevers. When the mail came and the packie of YoYo’s…I opened them and put them into a basket.


I guess Lucy thought I padded the basket for her.


2 Responses to “Lucy, the YoYo guarding cat”

  1. Joy Says:

    Aaww, bless …… I think my kitty would have done the exact same thing lol.
    Joy :o)

  2. Jean Says:

    Another yo-yo addict!! I have a few postings on about these little rounds of joy. Currently, I’m debating opening a packet of either heart-shaped yo-yo makers or a flower shaped ones… I have a plan for the flower shape but have to finish 3 quilts in the meantime. My fear is they will over run my quilting basket and take over the shop. Once you start making these, you just can’t stop! LOL!!

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