Renting DVD’s

I’ve been on a Gilmore Girls marathon. I have the first three seasons on DVD. I went to the video store to rent Season 4. Watched it, loved it. (i’ve seen it a few times) 🙂

Last night, I took it back and was planning to rent Season 5. Nope. Sorry. They have Seasons 1,2,3,4,6,7 but no 5. The video guy said sometimes people like them so much, they just keep them. How can you do that????? You can buy them on Amazon for not that much money, why ruin it for everyone? So, now I have to skip Season 5 (even tho I’ve seen it before) and go straight to 6. I’m bummed. It was time for Luke and Lorelai’s romance. I haven’t seen 6 or 7, so no spoilers please 🙂 sigh.


Ok, is this cute or what? 🙂 It’s a Fairy Cape, listed in my ArtFire shop. You can also see that my Red Bud tree is in bloom 🙂 and the grass is green. The poor Red Bud tree is coming out soon. It’s growing right next to the garage is big enough that it’s going to start tearing up the foundation. I think it would be better to simply move the garage, but no one agrees with me.

Oh well, I guess we can get another tree.


3 Responses to “Renting DVD’s”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Hi, Karen! I won your fabulous box of quilting stuff last year (so much fun — thank you!). What about getting a free trial and using it to rent Gilmore Girls, Season 5? 🙂

  2. Joy Says:

    Oh I’m a HUGE fan of Gilmore Girls. I was a bit sad when I watched the very last episode cos I wish wish wish they’d do a series 8!!!
    Joy :o)

  3. michelle Says:

    I adore the Gilmore Girls! Hubby and I had a marathon last year and watched the entire series. It was great, and the writing was so smart and funny he enjoyed it too. The funny thing is I have been thinking lately how much I miss that series and how I’d like to watch it again. So I will be watching again too! Oh, and Walmart has the seasons cheap, like $20!

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