i have a cold

It’s the longest cold in the world, the worst cold ever to hit womankind, it’s the pits. I lost my voice for a couple days, I just can’t shake the darn thing. Now, I’m sharing it with my family 😦

i’ll be back when I feel human again….


4 Responses to “i have a cold”

  1. Ashley Ann Says:

    I think we’re in the same club! I was just starting to do pretty well with my blog, and then I get sick. I can’t seem to get better! I haven’t touched my sewing machine in at least 2 weeks! 😦

    I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Erika Richan Says:

    I hope yo are feeling better soon. I also have some kind of cold bug, not fully sick but just enough to bother.

  3. Beachcomber Says:

    Aww sorry aren’t feeling well. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Sara Says:

    Oh, I hope you feel better soon!!!

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