Play Yarn Dash

Have you signed up yet? Play Yarn Dash is the newest hide and seek game… for yarn shops/lovers! Brought to you by the creators of Quilt Dash

If you’ve Dashed at Quilt Dash you know how fun it is. Now, it’s time for fun for us knitters, crocheters, yarn lovers of all kinds! Our first Play Yarn Dash begins Feb 15 for 2 weeks. Got a favorite yarn shop? Tell them about it! The Quilt Dash has brought new customers to lots and lots of Quilt Shops… let’s spread the wealth!

I also invite you to put the Play Yarn Dash or Quilt Dash graphics on your blog. (Don’t forget to link them to the appropriate site) 🙂

quiltdash120×90.gif 140-x-200-notebook-ad-copy.jpg


Quilt Dash should be linked to


Play Yarn Dash should be linked to

Spread the word! 🙂


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