Minestrone Soup

I love the minestrone soup at Johnny Carino’s… except for the lima beans. (blekky) We ate there the other night and I ordered the soup for dinner. Combined with the yummy bread, it’s a great dinner! My first bowl had ONE lima bean! it was delish 🙂 So, I ordered another bowl. It had over 50 lima beans. Yes I counted! I was scooping them out and putting them on a bread plate. I know it’s not good manners, but I couldn’t get a bite of soup without at least 3 lima beans in my spoon! By dinners end, I had a nice little mountain of lima beans. We considered asking for a partial refund but thought that would be tacky. 🙂

I would love to have a good recipe for Minestrone Soup. Do you have one? Will you share? 🙂

thanks for all your wonderful comments about Lucy 🙂 She’s a funny kitty, as they all are, and seems to be relaxing a bit.


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