The Season of Miracles

This is the story of Jacks adoption, and how God provided every step of the way. The detailed story will fill a book, and we hope to write it one day. It’s just not time yet. Until then, Shannon wrote out this version, which is awesome and will bring tears to your eyes. I know it’s long, but believe me, it’s worth reading. Jacks adoption was a miracle, and every day he blesses our family. My hope and prayer is that it blesses you in some way. (Jack is my grandson, Shannon is my daughter.)




Jack and me – Grandma – just last week, when they were visiting. 🙂

Shannon writes, “For so many years we prayed for a baby, everyone who loved us prayed along with us. It just never came to pass. I have Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and basically I don’t ovulate. I tried infertility drugs and that didn’t work. We did 2 cycles of pergonal shots. My Dr told me he never had a patient who didn’t show any improvement with the medication – so I felt that was God closing that door. We continued to pray, we knew adoption was really our only choice but were discouraged by the cost.

One day in February 2004 I was reading a book in the Redemption series. One of the characters also was going through infertility…her mom was praying for her and asking God why she couldn’t get pregnant…God told her that if she would be able to have a baby of her own, than she wouldn’t be available to accept the baby God wanted raised in another home. That hit me so hard, I knew then that’s why I couldn’t conceive and was at peace with it. I was actually excited knowing  that God really was listening to me, that He was going to answer that prayer in my heart.

Several months later, on July 4 2004 I was talking to Nicole on the phone. We were finalizing our plans to head to CSI and watch the fireworks. She had another call, so switched over…it was her friend Kathy. When Nicole came back on the line she was crying. I thought something had happened, that there had  been an accident. She asked me ‘Do you still want to adopt a baby?’ I was kinda shocked – she said that Kathy was on the other line and her co worker Kristy’s sister in law was pregnant and wanted to meet with us. I ran down to Nicole’s house ( she lived right down the street) and we were crying and praying and just beyond ourselves! Nicole explained to me that Kristy had spent the entire day with Jade. Jade hadn’t told anyone that she was pregnant and was planning on an abortion the next day in Salt Lake City. Kristy told her about Josh and me, which is a miracle in itself – we didn’t know her. Jade agreed to meet w us if we would meet her that night. So we agreed to meet at CSI within an hour.

I cant’ even explain how excited, nervous, overwhelmed…anything you can imagine! We had a prospect of a baby here or there but nothing like this…we had never met a birthmom before. Josh and I met Jade and her daughter. We talked for awhile and then our best friends Nicole and Brandon met her. Jade warned us that there could be a few problems with the baby. She did a few drugs early on, and also took herbs that were meant to abort the baby. None of it worked so thats why she was scheduled to have the abortion in Salt Lake City. She was too far along for one in Idaho. She had a daughter and one son already and the father was in and out of jail so she was scared to add another baby. After talking for awhile she told us she really liked us and was pretty certain that she would like us to adopt the baby. She needed to think it over and also get the fathers permission.
That night was an awesome night! We celebrated with our best friends watching fireworks…I knew that this was going to happen. I knew that God was doing this. Of course I didn’t sleep that entire night and was beyond impatient the next day. We tried watching a movie but that was pointless – coudln’t concentrate on it. Finally I talked to Jade – we could adopt the baby!!! She was already 4 1/2 months along so that didn’t leave much time.

The next day I began calling attorneys. I was overwhelmed and  unsure how that would work. I didnt have the kind of money or access to that kind of money to adopt a baby. I prayed and just decided that I would talk to the first attorney who actually talked with me. I called Bart Browning and he said that the adoption would cost $5000 plus court costs and just need to pay it before the baby is born. Thats doable, much better than $20,000 or $30,000 like we had looked at before. I hung up the phone and started to freak out a little – I dont have $5000! I called Nicole and was crying, she prayed with me and calmed me down and told me to call him back – explain the whole story. So I did – I told him everything somewhat hysterically (if thats a word lol) I didn’t want to lose this baby over money! He was very calm and just listened – when I was finished he said how moved he was by our story and that he wanted to discount our case by 50%. How cool is that?? I knew then at that moment that God was in control of this entire event – there was nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. Only God could do something like this.

Now was time to get Jade into the Dr! I was so fortunate that she allowed me to be as involved as she did. We talked everyday and I would see her about once a week. She allowed me to go to all the Dr appointments. Our first one was also an ultrasound. Nicole had secretly left a little prize in my car before the appointment. The present had a note on it – said that this was so I could be near my baby all the time, that she knew how hard it was for me to not be with the baby. It was a mini recorder so I could record the heartbeat – I treasured that gift so much I can’t even tell you!…..the appointment went great! Found out he was a boy – we were so excited!!! The Dr said everything looked great, due date was December 10.

I then spent time shopping, getting the nursery ready, praying praying and praying! We were also trying to come up with rest fo the money, fill out an enormous amount of paperwork and have a homestudy completed. So exhausting! None of this could have happened without all the support and prayers of our friends and family. Brandon and Nicole organized a fundraiser to help us raise the rest of the money. The send out fliers throughout our subdivision that they were holding a yardsale to raise money for our adoption. If anyone wanted to donate anything leave it on the curb on this day and they would be by to pick it up. So much stuff was donated, we didn’t have room for it all! So many people came out it was incredible! Brandon, Nicole, my mom, Josh – everyone worked really hard and when it was all done – we had the EXACT amount we needed. Not a penny more or less. Only God can do that! We were so overwhelmed to be apart of this miracle.

I never doubted that Jade would change her mind, there were times I questioned the possibility but God always assured me that it was ok. I was so blessed not to have that fear added into the process. We did have a scare though. One night Jade called – she wanted us to bail the father out of jail. We talked and prayed about it – and knew we couldn’t. We didn’t have the money to but also b/c if we did what were we starting? We were very nervous that she would be upset with us and tell us we couldn’t have the baby.

That same night, Nicole came down with another little prize (she did this quite often through the whole adoption!) but she said she was saving this for when Jack was born but that she felt God telling her now was when I needed it. It was a book that she started on the 4th of July – that night she began writing out prayers for this adoption. I had 2 months of prayers written out everyday , sometimes 2x a day…this was truly amazing. It was again, more reassurance that this was Gods plan and that nothing any of us could do would stop it from happening. As I read through the book that night – I could see so many answers to prayers. To things I hadn’t even talked about – she knew at the time and had been praying! Again, only something God could do.

The time was getting closer! I was a nervous wreck!! It was such an exciting time, one that I’ll never forget. Preparing for Jack was one of the greatest times of my life. I loved pickign out his clothes, sitting in his nursery and praying for him. I couldn’t wait for him, I could hardly stand it. Jade would spend time at my house and let me feel him kick or move around. She spent quite a bit of time wiht me so he would hear my voice. She was pretty amazing and I could see how God was helping her as well. I can’t imagine how difficult this whole experience was for her, but she was always happy and genuinely happy for Josh and me. I didn’t know that could be possible and I was so thankful that God was doing this. I loved that I didn’t have to be afraid. I was able to just be in awe of what was happening.

My baby shower was amazing too – surreal is the only way I can describe it. I had always been the one to give the shower, kind of like ‘always a bridesmaid – never the bride!’ Nicole did an incredible job. Her stepmom and sister catered it with yummy food! I was given so many amazing gifts, my mom made a quilt and had everyone sign it. It was a very special day for me.

The night came – Jade called me one night around 8 and said she was starting to have contractions. I was a tiny bit eager and made her go with me to the mall so we could walk…we walked that mall for about an hour. Made our way to the hospital to do some more walking…Josh stayed for a little while but then left (we were a little early LOL) then Nicole came. She and I walked Jade all over that hospital for hours – everytime we came back to the room so Jade could use the restroom Nicole and I collapsed into chairs we were exhausted!! But we refused to let Jade see that LOL We walked w her the whole night – till around 5am. Jade decided to get some sleep so I slept in the chair next to her. The next day wasn’t any different. I didn’t eat anything I was too anxious. When it was time for her to deliver, I was a wreck! Not so good w the coaching – Nicole had to do it for me. Josh barely made it – he actually made it right as she was crowning. Jack Hunter Smith was born – I was the first one to hold him. 🙂

I was in love with him, he was so beautiful! I shared the hospital room with Jade that night. Josh and I left with Jack the next afternoon. We never had any problems throughout the adoption, mostly just me being anxious and a lil bit excited!

I have had so much hurt, so much stolen from me for most of my life. I never thought that something so big could happen to me. I have witnessed a miracle in Jack. It still overwhelms me to see how much God loves me to do this in such a big way. That day in February that I was reading that book was the same month Jade conceived Jack. How awesome is our God?? You can’t make this stuff up!

I still have that book Nicole started the night we met Jade. She continued to add to it on a daily basis and even still adds things on his birthday. We also celebrate the 4th of July as ‘Jacks day’ its like a 2nd birthday 🙂

Stand up and bless the Lord your God forever and ever and blessed by Thy glorious name, which is exalted above all blessings and praise. Nehemiah 9:5

Thank you to everyone who was apart of this. You all have such a special place in my heart!  Nicole – you are forever my best friend. Your love and encouragement still overwhelms me.”

I trust this has blessed you. Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends!


17 Responses to “The Season of Miracles”

  1. Mary Grace McNamara Says:

    Beautiful! God is so good. What more is there to say?

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.


  2. Jeanette Says:

    Thankyou for sharing your beautiful story. You have been truly blessed. Merry Christmas

  3. Sandy Says:

    Jack, I love that name. God is good, he listens and he answers our prays when the time is right.

  4. Jeannie Says:

    Totally awesome!!
    Here is a great website to start your day! You’re going to need His help everyday!
    Congradulations :*)

  5. Dawn Says:

    Thank you for sharing your miracle story! I have an adopted sister and she is the world to me. Adoptions are truly blessings.

  6. Joy Says:

    What a sweet, lovely story!!! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  7. Patty Brenner Says:

    Thank you for this lovely story of another blessed birth at Christmastime. It’s amazing what happens when we “let” God be in charge 🙂 May your blessings continue and increase!


  8. Kerry Says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Merry Christmas to you all.

  9. Laurez Says:

    God is good!!! Thank you for sharing your miracle at this special time of the year!!

  10. Mary Anne Drury Says:

    What a sweet story and what a sweet gift ! Have a wonderful Holiday season !!!

  11. Susan in SC Says:

    Having adopted 2 boys myself, I can relate to this wonderful story in many ways! God is awesome and supplies all of our needs and desires!

  12. ozjane Says:

    What a wonderful story.
    I am finding that granny envy is almost stronger than it was after I had a total hysterectomy when quite young.
    But God is good and in 30 yrs of teaching I had many children to love.

  13. spin Says:

    Oh Karen!
    What a wonderful Story!
    I can’t find any better words!


  14. Zlaty Says:

    It is a miracle! I am so happy for you!

    Have you read “The shop on Blossom Street” by Debbie Macomber? It is a happy ending story you might like. 🙂
    Have a very happy New year and many more to come!


  15. Susan Says:

    Just deeply moved and excited with your story. We have two adoption stories, both thrilling as we saw God unfold a wonderful plan for a son from Romania, June 2000 (when he was 6yrs old), then a daughter from the Philippines, November 2004 (a month before she turned 6) They both have since made a personal decision for Christ. Both have said they are so glad they were adopted and that they wouldn’t have learnt about the Lord if they’d stayed where they were.

    God’s richest blessing on you and your daughter and her family

    Susan Moore
    Manjimup W. Australia
    jwsmoore at bordernet dot com dot au

  16. Kathy Says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Jack is truly a blessing from God.

  17. Pam Spaur Says:

    I read your story with great interest, because my daughter also has POCD or POS as it is sometimes called. She and her husband tried for 7 or 8 years to conceive. In 2002, the Lord blessed our family. My sister died Jan. 30 of that year. A few weeks later, Jenn found out she was pregnant. The Lord knew that I needed something to focus on after my sister’s death. That child was born in October and blesses everyone who knows him. His name? Samuel, because they prayed so long for this child. She has never been able to get pregnant again.

    I am so grateful to the Lord for the blessing of my grandson. I love him more than life itself and would sacrifice my own life in a heartbeat for him. Your son, Jack (love that name, btw) is a beautiful boy, and he will bring you joy unspeakable. I am so very happy for you. How great is our God!!!

    Blessings to you and your beautiful family!!


    Pam Spaur

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