A Very Cool Book!

fusebook.jpgI recently received a book in the mail, Fuse It and Be Done! by Barbara Campbell and Yolanda Fundora. You may recall the September issue of Cotton Spice had a Sunflower fusing project done by Yolanda. It’s gorgeous and so are the projects in this book.  There are 23 projects in the book… WOW! And besides the projects there is a very thorough primer on fusing. If you’re unfamiliar with all the new products on the shelves of your quilt shop, don’t worry. Barbara and Yolanda hold your hand all the way through with clear, simple directions, diagrams and photographs. It just couldn’t be easier.

The projects cover all skill levels, so don’t think this book isn’t for you. It is! And one of the coolest things – it has a CD in the back with all the templates and artwork.  Just slide in the CD and print out what you need. No more trips to the copy store, or trying to hold the book still on your home copier while it takes forever to copy/print. This is high tech, ladies! 🙂

Barbara and Yolanda have collaborated on more than a few books and they are always  fun. You can see a few of the projects in Fuse It and Be Done! by going to their website Love In Stitches Click on the picture of the book.

Ok, I know you want your own copy. Well, I have a deal for you! 🙂

There is a 40% off sale at MyCraftivityShop.com on that book and ANY other book now through Sunday the 14th. Use code MYC40DEC, to save on your order. That is a super cool deal, and right before Christmas… this is a wonderful opportunity to finish up that gift list. But you’ve got to do it by the 14th, so don’t forget!

Ok… I’m off to go fuse something!


One Response to “A Very Cool Book!”

  1. Mary Anne Drury Says:

    Hi Karen!

    Thanks for the tip!! This looks like a great book! I’m putting it in my letter to Santa right now!

    Happy Holidays!!
    Mary Anne

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