Cotton Spice presents “A Personal Journal”

It’s a little awkward to welcome myself, so I’ll just jump right in!

Gather together the following-journal-1.jpg

You’ll need

(2) pieces of cardboard for the front and back covers

(3) 1 3/8″ rings

various trims, buttons, pretty papers or fabric

spray adhesive

(i used parts from a 6×6 ring book kit from 7gypies, just cause I had them on hand)

1 – I have lots of old journals arounds, many with unused paper. I tore out the empty pages and trimmed to size


2 – Cut off the icky side.


3 – Use the holes in the cardboard as a guide to mark holes in paper. I used a regular hole punch on these.

4 – Again, use the cardboard as a guide to cut out pretty paper or fabric to cover the cardboard, front and back. Use your spray adhesive, following it’s directions (I take mine outside to spray) and cover the cardboard front and back covers.

5 – I used a piece of 220 sandpaper to sand the edges, give it a slight ‘grungy’ look.

6 – Now, the fun part! Decorate your cover. I used a 2″ piece of transparent ribbon and some cotton lace to trim this. I attached it using double sided tape. I also cut 2 little pieces of paper so the journal could be labeled. I attached the brown with double sided tape, and the lighter one is attached with that fancy paperclip 🙂



This is a wonderful thing to give someone who is leaving on a trip, there are plenty of pages for notes, they are sturdy enough to support photo’s, and the rings allow for extra room if they want to attach the photo’s, or any other kind of fun memorabilia.


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