The Last Minute Gift Countdown: Nov 20 – Dec 4


Please feel free to grab this little ornament and display it on your blog – Here is our schedule so far…

Nov 20 – Tammy Harrison,

Nov 21 – Daphne Greig,

Nov 22 –

Nov 23 – Nancy from Belle Epoque

Nov 24 – Mary Anne Drury from

Nov 25 – BethHelfter from EvaPaige Designs

Nov 26 – Traci from Plum Cute Designs

Nov 27 – Karen Montgomery

Nov 28

Nov 29

Nov 30 – Susana from

Dec 1 – Kristin from http://seemommysew.wordpress.comDec 2 -Gudrun Erla from

Dec 3 – Karen Montgomery from The Quilt Company

Dec 4 – Bridgett from  (i have to get her blog URL)

We still have room… jump in if you want to! Email me 


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