Just Stuff and News

Nothing exciting today, just some random things – We got gas in the car this morning… 1.99 a gallon! Wow… Mike said, “It’d be nice if we could put it on cereal.” 🙂

We got our first frost this morning. Had to scrape the car windows (we have a street car, not a garage car) and remembered how much we hate that. Technically, Mike scraped the windows, but I commiserated with him.

Miss Riah’s first birthday party was Sunday afternoon. I made her some clothes, and then we also purchased some pieces to go with…


We got her a little black hoodie to go with this one.


We got a white turtleneck, long sleeved onesie to go with this dress.


And this one – Mike took the zipper pull off and I made 2 pink pom poms for a pull. We got a white shirt and a pink shirt, and pair of khaki’s to go with this. It’s really warm, fully lined with the pink fuzzy fabric.

I also made a label to sew into the clothes, it said, miss riah. She has her own line! 🙂 I used this tutorial to make the labels.  Forgot to take picture of the clothes with the label.

So, I wanted a cool way to package these, along with the store bought clothes… after some really serious thinking about it, I finally came up with the idea to make a little garment bag for her. Again, forgot to take the picture (!) but it turned out pretty cute.

Quilt Dash is going so well…if you haven’ t signed up… you should! 🙂 The prizes are fabulous and you don’t want to miss out on the chance to find cool, new quilt shops AND win a prize!

Are you a knitter? Look for Yarn Dash, coming soon! 🙂

The Last Minute Gift Countdown is scheduled for Nov. 20 through Dec. 4. Mark your calendars!


One Response to “Just Stuff and News”

  1. Carrie P. Says:

    Sweet outfits. So cute.

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