Blog Hijacked to Bring You an Important Announcement

Tammy here, the Quilt Designing Computer Geek (and the webmonster), hijacking Karen’s blog to let you know that yesterday, October 1, 2008, was a momentous day in the life of Karen.  But, knowing Karen as I do, she’s too modest to let you know.  SO, I’m taking it upon myself to help her out!

It’s not my place to give the specifics of her age (if she wants you to know, she’ll tell you) … but, I do know that it was a BIG ONE for her, and we’re so glad she’s sharing her quilted and knitted heart with all of us!


Feel free to share your love with Karen in the comments – I can envision her smiling and blushing, when she realizes how special she is to everyone.

Note from Karen – well, now that I’ve recovered from the scare of my life… LOL….Tammy sent me an email saying “OH MY GOSH…. your blog has been hijacked and I don’t know what to do!” So, of course, I ran right over here…. LOL

And I don’t mind telling you all… I’m 50. Yup, I’ve survived and celebrated a half century, and happy to tell about it.


13 Responses to “Blog Hijacked to Bring You an Important Announcement”

  1. Erika Richan Says:

    Happy birthday to you I hope you had enjoy your day but try to make it a birthday week it is lots of fun and you have more reasons to celebrate!

  2. joyce Says:

    Happy Birthday. Nice way to get over a scare!

  3. Mary Grace McNamara Says:

    Well Happy Birthday to you! Today is MY birthday and I’m 46! We are practically TWINS!

    As hijackings go, this one was a goodie!


  4. Brenda Mercado Says:

    Happy Birthday to you! You don’t look a day over 29!=)

  5. Julia Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to YOU, Karen!!!!
    {If you didn’t tell your age I would have guessed you at least 10 yrs younger…and I mean it seriously! ;o)}
    Hope you had the best b-day of all, got spoilt by your family & friends with LOTS of PRESSIES & a BIIIIG birthday cake.
    Hugs, Julia
    P.S.: I’m with Erika, I had b-day a month ago and had an entire birthday WEEK – so much fun & and even more if your b-day is a BIG ONE ;o)

  6. Kathy Says:

    Wow! Happy B-Day, Karen! 50 is WONDERFUL! Enjoy!
    P.S. Can you email me the words? Thanks.

  7. Carrie P. Says:

    Happy Birthday Karen!

  8. Kerry Says:

    Yeah Karen! Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day.

  9. Beachcomber Says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great B-Day.

  10. Penny Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Karen!!! Hope your day was the best!

  11. Mike Says:

    Happy birthday. I only wish I could have spent more of them with you. At least I get the rest of them.
    Love you,

  12. Ulla Says:

    Happy birthday, I hope you had a really nice one!

  13. Joanna Says:

    Woo Hoo! The big 5-0!! Sorry I missed the actual day – I have been sick in bed for a few days but I’m better and here now, so I hope you had a fantastic birthday! 50 is the new 30, right?!!

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