Digital Scrapbooking

Talk about a left turn in subject matter! 🙂 Ok, how many of you are digiscrappers? If you like Cotton Spice, you’ll love what’s coming up next!

I’ve been learning digiscrapping and learning to make my own kits – papers, elements, overlays etc… They will debut in Cotton Spice Creative. You’re the first to learn of this… I haven’t said much to anyone about what I’ve been doing, quietly in the background. Here are a few pages I’ve done –


This LO was created with  Katie Pertiet’s  “Botanist Exclusive” Kit That is a link to some of her work, I received this kit in the Sept issue of Scrappers Guide(i have two other grandsons, but they are in their teens, and I doubt very much they’d appreciate being grouped with the babies, or being called ‘sweetie’) 🙂


This was made from Backyard Playground by Lara’s Digi World. I made it for the SAS-y Layout Design Challenge going on this month at Stone Accent Studios. Do you remember this picture from the first issue of Cotton Spice? 🙂

But to see the papers etc that I’ve designed, well, you’ll have to wait for Cotton Spice Creative, which should be available in an entirely new venue within the next month. Are you curious? You’ll have to be patient!  ~a wink and a smile~

Note: I know they kind of lap over into the aisle on the side there… if it’s too distracting I’ll make them thumbnails. Let me know!


2 Responses to “Digital Scrapbooking”

  1. Kerri Says:

    I love scrapbooking but I dont do any digital scrapbooking. Yours look so good.

  2. Jane Weston Says:

    I’ve just recently discovered digiscrapping…it is so addictive! I love the frames and the embellishments and have just started to get my head around the alpha sets…this is as much fun as quilting!

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