Crossing things off my 101/1001 list

One of the things I’ve wanted to do for some time now, is to make new liners for my baskets which had been lined with muslin. They came this way from the store. It was cheap fabric, and poorly made. So, I finally did it!





I used some Free Spirit fabric. All I did was remove the muslin liner and measure the bottom, 1 long side, the solid end and the end which has the opening for the ties to go through the casings. It was SO easy. I made a bunch of them, and they look so nice. My pictures are kind of fuzzy… someday soon I’ll try to have time to take more. Have you replaced the liners in any of your baskets?


7 Responses to “Crossing things off my 101/1001 list”

  1. Jane Weston Says:

    Fuzzy pictures or not…they look wonderful and so much better than the plain muslin!

  2. Carrie P. Says:

    What a great idea!

  3. polly Says:

    I love the liners great job!!! Pictures weren’t bad. I couldn’t believe all the liners wow:)

  4. Larissa Says:

    Those baskets are lovely Karen and they help to make things look very organised all lined up like that. Check out my blog for some pics of the basket liners I made using a pattern designed by Leanne Beasley, much nicer than the ones the baskets came with originally.

  5. Amy Says:

    wow! that is a ton of liners! Great job, they look lovely!

  6. Bec Says:

    What lovely looking baskets! Good job on re-lining them, love the colour. very inspiring!
    bec xxx

  7. Kat Says:

    Wow, those look great! I might have to get some baskets and do that.

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