Puppy Games

have you seen these on Animal Planet? This is the cutest show – and one of the funniest we’ve seen in a while. Last night we just happened upon it – we laughed so much it hurt! 🙂

It’s loosely based on the Olympics. They put a bunch of puppies in a room, made up to look like a soccer field, or a boxing ring, or a swimming pool, and then just watch them! Such a simple concept. They have a camera mounted under the Water Bowl and you get to see the puppies from the underside of the bowl. I’ve included a link to the page and can’t recommend it more highly.

NOTE: 8-25-08

I’m happy to know I’m not alone in my enjoyment of that program! 🙂 It was so simple, it was refreshing. so, I looked at the schedule and am SO disappointed to see they ran the programs once and that was it. Why is it they run other programs ad nausem and the really fun ones…once? Maybe they will have something similar again – that was so much fun.

Brenda and Mom2fur… my two puppy friends 🙂


2 Responses to “Puppy Games”

  1. Brenda Mercado Says:

    OMG! I was watching that last night too! It was so silly; maybe that’s why I too, just couldn’t pull myself away. The puppies were so cute! I thought no one but me would watch such a mindless show, thanks for letting me know I am not alone. I think we all need some lighthearted programming every now and then. =)

  2. mom2fur Says:

    Oh-my-gosh, I LOVE those puppy shows! Have you ever seen the “Puppy Bowl” they do around the time of the Superbowl? Too cute!
    I love the waterbowl cam, especially when a puppy sticks a paw inside the bowl.
    Not only do I love it, but so does my little chihuahua, Shadow Dante. I put the Puppy Games on the other night and Shadow stood at the edge of my recliner’s footrest, his ears perked and his eyes glued to the screen. You should have seen his tail wagging. He kept whining–probably thinking, “I can see them, why can’t I play with them?”

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