…and it all comes tumbling down

The city is finally tearing down the house next door! It burned last winter and has just been sitting there with a basement full of water and breeding mosquito’s, providing a place for would-be punks to hang out and smoke or whatever would-be punks do nowadays.




I think they must have run into a bee’s nest, as they quit before noon and when I looked over there, there were many, many bee’s flying around looking mad as heck. Well, truthfully I can’t tell what their mood was, but I know I would have been mad as heck if a big dinosauer mouth had come and destroyed my only home! Watching the work yesterday, that big tractor-type thang just reminded me of a big ole dinosauer, taking bites out of that house. I took those pictures thru my kitchen window and I think they came out great!

There was so much dust, insulation, carpet fibers and burned stuff floating around in the air we didn’t dare go outside. Even so my throat was scratchy all day and my voice was getting hoarser and hoarser… is that a word?… and Riley’s eyes were itchy. We were both drippy and blowing our nose all day – ugh.

I wonder when they’re going to haul away the pile of house next door?


4 Responses to “…and it all comes tumbling down”

  1. Carrie P. Says:

    It doesn’t look like they got to far before the bees came out to attack. I know you will be glad to have that eyesore gone.

  2. TammomQuilts Says:

    VERY glad to see this – it was an eyesore and obviously a hazard to many (human and non) in the neighborhood. Perhaps they’ll take it all away and have a pretty flower garden there!

  3. Carin Says:

    They should have wet it down to keep the dust down. Glad the punk hangout next door is gone for you.

  4. Margaret Says:

    Anything that is an eyesore, as I am sure this must have been, needs to be flattened. It is ad to think that once it was a person’s dream to build in the first place. Sad isn’t it that treasures become obsolete. I have been poking around in secondhand shops todaylooking for 1930s hooks and eyes, press studs, and anything still in unused condition for a buddy. I found replacement suspenders in new condition.

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