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Missouri History

August 26, 2008

If you’re interested in Missouri History, check this out – Ray County Historical Society.The museum there is run by my friend Karen Bush. IF you’ve been a quilter for awhile, you’ll recognize her name as having done hand quilting for Red Wagon Designs and others. She’s a great history buff, and not only runs the museum…she makes Victorian costumes which you can rent at the museum in Ray County. She’s one of those busy, get things done people that irritate me so much. 🙂 But you know, she’s my friend and what can I say? (you all know I’m just kidding… she’s the best)


Stitchers Angel projects have begun!

August 25, 2008

Have you checked out Hugs ‘n Kisses today? A new project goes up every Monday for the next 6 weeks or so. You’ve got to see the little tote on there today… Too Cute for Words!!!! look at this –


Head on over there and get the free PDF file to make this fabulous tote!

My project will be up the week of Sept 8… 🙂

Puppy Games

August 24, 2008

have you seen these on Animal Planet? This is the cutest show – and one of the funniest we’ve seen in a while. Last night we just happened upon it – we laughed so much it hurt! 🙂

It’s loosely based on the Olympics. They put a bunch of puppies in a room, made up to look like a soccer field, or a boxing ring, or a swimming pool, and then just watch them! Such a simple concept. They have a camera mounted under the Water Bowl and you get to see the puppies from the underside of the bowl. I’ve included a link to the page and can’t recommend it more highly.

NOTE: 8-25-08

I’m happy to know I’m not alone in my enjoyment of that program! 🙂 It was so simple, it was refreshing. so, I looked at the schedule and am SO disappointed to see they ran the programs once and that was it. Why is it they run other programs ad nausem and the really fun ones…once? Maybe they will have something similar again – that was so much fun.

Brenda and Mom2fur… my two puppy friends 🙂

…and it all comes tumbling down

August 19, 2008

The city is finally tearing down the house next door! It burned last winter and has just been sitting there with a basement full of water and breeding mosquito’s, providing a place for would-be punks to hang out and smoke or whatever would-be punks do nowadays.




I think they must have run into a bee’s nest, as they quit before noon and when I looked over there, there were many, many bee’s flying around looking mad as heck. Well, truthfully I can’t tell what their mood was, but I know I would have been mad as heck if a big dinosauer mouth had come and destroyed my only home! Watching the work yesterday, that big tractor-type thang just reminded me of a big ole dinosauer, taking bites out of that house. I took those pictures thru my kitchen window and I think they came out great!

There was so much dust, insulation, carpet fibers and burned stuff floating around in the air we didn’t dare go outside. Even so my throat was scratchy all day and my voice was getting hoarser and hoarser… is that a word?… and Riley’s eyes were itchy. We were both drippy and blowing our nose all day – ugh.

I wonder when they’re going to haul away the pile of house next door?

New wool handbag

August 13, 2008

I like to make bags, but I hardly ever do. Why? No answer, just one of many contradictions we all have in us.

So, there is a tutorial on a blog I like to visit for a Vintage Handbag this link will take you direct to the tutorial. She also points you to a great tutorial for putting in a zipper Easy peasy!

Here’s mine – and of course, I couldn’t follow the directions *exactly*… I didn’t put interfacing in the body of the bag like she recommended, but I should have put it in the top band. Next time.


I did put a pocket in and since the wool and the lining were so sedate, I had some fun with the pocket.



Here’s a fun thing for you….

August 11, 2008


She has a very fun blog, very colorful and some funky patterns for tops, aprons… the peasant blouse pattern is something I would buy for myself. And even wait for it to arrive in the mail. (I’ve gotten addicted to ePatterns with instand downloads)

Piles of Ribbon-ey Goodness

August 7, 2008

What a lovely thing to receive in the mail…




My new favorite website for ordering ribbon-ey things is jcaroline I ordered the ribbons ‘ends’ package (2 of them) and the swatch’s package (2 of them) and got all this for…. about ten bucks. I can’t wait to play with it all.


August 5, 2008







Emails on the way!!! 🙂

The end of The Summer Workshop!

August 5, 2008

Wasn’t that just fabulous? It exceeded my expectations, and they were pretty high! I sincerely hope you found one or two things that just yelled your name. I hope in the coming weeks as you all make these projects, that you’ll share them with us so we can ooh and ahh.

So, now we get to the prizes! This afternoon, Riley and I will fill a basket with names and draw out 5 of them for prizes. I’ll email you  and let you know, but I’ll also be announcing your name here – so all your friends will know 🙂  Now…to find 5 prizes…. 🙂 I have them, right over there!!!

Next project will be sometime in November when we host The Last Minute Gift Countdown. Last years November project was a huge sucess, and we expect this coming one to be nothing less. You’ll be hearing about end of October/beginning of November (ish) when I nail down the dates.

It was lovely having you all over for crafts. Come again!

Project #14 – Barbara Douglas from Stone Cottage Quilts

August 3, 2008

Welcome Barbara! Visit her blog here and her site here

Go Green Grocery Bag

This is a great way to use up those “what was I thinking? fabric pieces under a yard.


5/8 yard-3/4 yard fabric


Sewing machine

General sewing tools


1.      Cut one 22? x 36? Bag Panel ( Width may vary from 18?-22?)

   Cut two 3? x 20? Handle Straps.



2.      Using the two 3? x 20? handle straps, fold in half lengthwise. Pin, and stitch along all raw edges, leaving an opening in the long edge. Turn handles right side out using the opening. Press handles flat. Top stitch around all edges.



3.      Using the bag panel, fold the end toward the back ½?, press. Fold the folded ends again ½?, press.  Pin and stitch along the inside folded edge. These two ends create the top edge of the bag. 



4.      On these finished ends mark for handle placement. Along each 22? edge measure in 6? from both raw edges, pin-mark.



5.      Pin handle ends to the front side of bag at pin-marks.  Match the handle ends to the top edge of the folded edge. Be careful not to twist handle.  Repeat with second handle.



6.      Stitch across the handle ends along the top stitch line of the bag panel.



7.      Fold up the handle strips. Pin in place. Secure the handles with a crisscross stitching.



8.      When handles are in place. Fold the bag panel in half with wrong sides together matching the side edges and the finished top folded edges Pin sides in place. Stitch the side seams using a scan 1/8? seam.  Turn the bag wrong side out. Press seams.



9.       With right sides together, using a 3/8? seam, sew over the pressed seams creating a French seam for added safety.  The French seam makes a nice finished seam.  (All seams may be stitched on the wrong side using a ¼? seam and a safety zig-zag stitch or serger.)  Repeat with the second side seam.  Press the bottom fold of the bag to use as a guide in step 10.



10.  At the bottom corners, match the finished side seams to the “pressed? bottom-fold, creating a triangle of the corner. Measure in 4? from the point of the triangle.  Using the ruler draw a line across the point as a stitching line.  Pin in place.  



11.   Stitch along this drawn line.  Sew a second stitching line ¼? from the first, in toward the point.  Cut off the point just beyond the second stitching line. Reinforce this cut edge with a zig zag stitch along the raw edge over the second line of stitching.



12.  Turn the bag inside out and press.  Your bag is ready to fill with groceries.



 Thank you Barbara! What a great idea! This is the last project for the Summer Workshop. I hope you all had a great time and found some fun and useful things to work on. You’ll be able to access all the projects for as long as my blog is here 🙂 Go visit anyone you may have missed, leave comments! Names will be drawn TOMORROW for prizes 🙂 Our next big project will be in November – The Last Minute Gift Countdown! See you there!