Project #5, Beaded Stitch Markers from Karen Gass of Cotton Spice

I’m pretty new to beading, so if I can do these… so can you!And if you don’t knit, put an earring thing on this instead of a ring. See? I don’t even know the proper words for ‘things’! 🙂


1 – Gather your supplies – various beads, jump rings and some 24 gauge wire.


2 – Cut a piece of wire 3″ long. Slightly bend this wire in half, not all the way. Slide on a lavender bead. Make sure it’s in the middle, and then twist the wire to keep it there.


3 – Arrange your beads the way you like them


4 – Then, using your pliers, bend that wire a little more than 90 degrees and place a jump ring on


5 – Using your fingers and your pliers to help out, wrap the wire around itself, to secure the beads and the jump ring.


6 – Wrapping does take a little bit of practice, but it gets easier each time you do it. The most important thing in my mind, is to make sure the ends are not poking out to snag yarn… or hair (if you decide to make earrings)


7 – I made 4 of these, and then made 2 smaller versions. Sometimes you need a different marker to mark the beginning of the round, so there are 2 here to choose from.


There you go! These are quick and easy. Oh… and they’ll be one of the prizes I’ll be giving away at the end! Be sure to leave your comments 🙂

Tomorrow…Debbie Maddy from Calico Carriage Quilt Designs


8 Responses to “Project #5, Beaded Stitch Markers from Karen Gass of Cotton Spice”

  1. Rachel Says:

    O how cute! I just have boring plastic rings. These are great. I will have to do these right away . Love it.

  2. Carolyn Says:

    These are gorgeous and seem so much easier than I thought they’d be! I’ll definitely be giving them a try!

  3. Kim Says:

    Ohhh…you’re so smart! I’ve been looking at markers to purchase…ouch! But I’ve got lots of beads just sitting around, even the wire…I’m betting all I need are jump rings! Thanks so much, this will be fun!

  4. Janice Says:

    I think I’ll be giving this a whirl!!

  5. E Ann H. Says:

    These are so attractive! I’m definitely going to make some! They may even encourage me to finish some knitting UFOs!

  6. Susan Says:

    How pretty! Now I will have to go out and buy beading supplies!! 🙂 Susan

  7. Tara B Says:

    These are adorable!! I don’t knit – yet, but a friend has been trying to get me to start, this might just be the thing!!

  8. Kristi Says:

    Those are very nice. I’m not a knitter but, I have a friend that does. They would certainly make a nice little gift. Thanks

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