I am amazed!!!!

The goal is always to get more traffic for the Cotton Spice website/magazine to get and keep advertisers in order that we can continue. Without advertisers or winning the lottery, we won’t be able to keep going. Last week I got some stats together for Nicole (our salesperson) and I AM AMAZED!!!!

Look how far we’ve come –

March 1-13, 2007: 1199 unique visitors

March 1-13, 2008: 4800 unique visitors

…from the end of March until June 21, 08… are you ready? 37, 764 unique visitors …. THUD!!!!

Since we don’t advertise anywhere (can’t afford it) the growth is due to word of mouth. You guys are telling your friends, and family, passing along the news that a new issue of Cotton Spice is out and it’s just spreading like wildfire!!!! Thank you. Thank you.

I take all your comments very seriously. When I uploaded the June 08 issue, it was about 22 MB. For some reason, it didn’t penetrate into my mind this was a pretty large file. I got an email from Gloria at CyberQuilters saying some of her list members wouldn’t be able to download the magazine due to it’s size. Well, duh! I quickly remedied the situation and uploaded a file that was about 3 MB. Hopefully there were some happy CyberQuilters!

The point is – if you email me about something, I will do what I can to fix it, write it, delete it or whatever needs to be done.

So.. thank you again…

What’s in store for our next issue in Sept 08? For one, a Sunflower Festival. Several patterns for making your own Sunflower project, from punchneedle to quilting. There will be links to awesome Sunflower patterns for sale. Even an Idea’s section to ignite your creativity in designing your own Sunflower project.

A very cool Christmas Tree skirt made from Poodle Noel fabric designed by Yolanda Fundora.

Along with our regular columns, plus even more! Stay tuned.

What’s coming up on this blog? The Summer Workshop! Remember the Last Minute Gift Countdown we did last November? We’re doing another one. July 21 – Aug 3 The Summer Workshop. Designers of quilts, usables, knit items, paper crafts, stitchery will be gathering here to share a free project with you. Quick, fun projects you can do inbetween running to the ball park with the kids, and going to the library and taking the whole gang to the pool, you need some creative time. This is it!

Have a lovely week 🙂

One Response to “I am amazed!!!!”

  1. Linda Says:

    I noticed on the magazine download on page 2 you mentioned a yahoo group CS Designers, when you hold your mouse over it the link says DS Designers. Just a little typo glitch but it brings up a “can’t find” page.

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