I now know that tornado sirens

pink-lily.jpgwill wake me up. I wasn’t too sure, as we have a small AC running in our room and a fan – love the cool air and the noise from the fan. But I was never sure if the sirens would wake me up. They did. This morning about 6:30am I woke up to the sirens. Mike was already up. I nearly turned back over and went to sleep. I figured if there was anything to get upset about, Mike would come and get me. 🙂 But then I thought I should be responsible and get up and see for myself.

I saw an ad on TV yesterday for a quick loan company. They were offering a $2600 loan at … are you sitting down?… 99.25% interest. Yes that’s correct. I went back and reread the small print. It was paid back at 42 payments of $216 a month. That’s nearly $10,000. Is this legal? WHY would you borrow money at 99%? WHY? I’ve been through some very difficult financial times in my life, but this wouldn’t even tempt me. What’s the difference between this company and the guys who break your legs if you don’t pay?

I put together a last minute quilt addition to the magazine 🙂 I think you’ll like it. My very favorite machine quilter, Kat LeFevre took it at the last minute – what a wonderful friend she is!!!

Today I’m swatching for a new lace sampler study I’m doing this summer.  I’ll keep you posted! Have a wonderful weekend!


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