How Can YOU participate in the Breast Health Awareness Project?

graphic.bmpJust as this issue affects all of us, so to, can all of us participate. Our project coordinator, Kathryn Ramirez, who, incidentally has done a bang up job putting this altogether, has outlined the project on her new blog. Stop by and visit her blog, it’s really awesome! She’s getting read to make a big move in her life – to China! Be sure to follow her new adventures, they are bound to be exciting!

So… back to the subject 🙂 You can read all the nitty gritty details on Kathryn’s blog but basically here it is in a nutshell. As we post the blocks that have been designed especially for this project, note which one you like best and would like to make yourself!

Make blocks and send them to our quiltmakers. Quilts will be made and auctioned off with proceeds going to someone’s favorite Breast Health/Research charity.

Everyone who makes a block and sends it in will be featured here on my blog. We’ll include a link back to your blog or site, and we invite everyone to share their own personal story about survival and/or prevention.

This blog gets about 20,000 visitors a month. That’s a lot of people to reach on this important subject.

Please join us.


3 Responses to “How Can YOU participate in the Breast Health Awareness Project?”

  1. crystal Says:

    Great project, Karen! Is it possible to expand it somewhat to include people who just want (or need) to make the blocks with fabric from their stash and then finish the quilt themselves (or maybe as a group) and donate it locally? Like to Relay for Life, maybe? What do you think?


  2. Karen Gass Says:

    Crystal, can you send me your email address? Thank you 🙂

  3. Nita Says:


    I have some blocks I could send that are in pink and green but not the RJR fabrics. I made them when I was testing the design for block number two and I would be very happy to send them on to someone who would use them in a quilt. Also, I have some spare fabric that could be included in the border to help unify the look of the quilt.


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