Still playing with Kool-Aid

pink-lily.jpgbut I can’t show you this one yet. 🙂 Soon, I will.

There are new posts on Simple Hospitality and Macuwita sni. We have 3 quilters signed up for the challenge! YAY!!!!! I’m so excited.

And we got to watch a little pre-season baseball yesterday. <big smile>  soon, very soon… games every night! (almost)
So far, I’ve spent 2 whole days cleaning and organizing in the sewing room. I’ve had to take a few days off – just too tired. I’m hoping tomorrow I can finish it. I’m really liking what I’ve done. I’ve consolidated Yarn into a Yarn/Knitting Area. Fabric is in it’s own corner, across the room. Books are one shelf. Homeschool stuff is on one shelf. Now I have odds and ends to go through on the sewing table, my desk and surrounding area. My desk always seems to receive the worst. Piles upon piles upon piles.

In my cleaning I found a little sweater 96% complete. I knitted the last 4″ on the left front and yesterday I blocked it. Today I’m sewing it together and hope it will fit our little granddaughter. I’ll take a pic of it when I’m done with it. I think I started out to make it for one of the grandsons – a bright cheery sweater. But I’m sure I quit when I realized it was too girly. At that point there were no granddaughters, so… it got shelved.

Have a wonderful day!


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