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2 posts in 1 – Winners! and the Sewing Room Makeover

March 29, 2008

pink-lily.jpgName this Photo Winner – The winner by ONE point… Kristin! who said, “To perform the Heimlich, take hold of the victim and pull upwards with a hearty thrust.? and that was the favorite! Kristin, congrats! You’ve won the Goodie Box – yay!! 🙂 Kristin, look for an email from me.

Ok – The Sewing Room Makeover is DONE! Boy, how long as this been? click here to view Before pictures Today’s pictures cannot be truly appreciated unless you see the Before pictures! Pictures are shown as thumbnails, take the time to view the big pictures, there are notes all over them.

I wanted to wait until the blinds were up before I posted pictures, and Mike did that Thursday. So, I have been working in this room, and it’s not in shambles. Yes, I did put things away when I was done working on them. But my biggest accomplishment was finding a place for everything to live. This eliminates (i hope) the ‘piles’ of stuff. So… enjoy!

sewing-room1.jpg  sewingroom3.jpg  sewingroom4.jpg  sewingroom5.jpg

sewingroom6.jpg  sewingroom7.jpg  sewingroom8.jpg  sewingroom9.jpg

sewingroom11.jpg  sewingroom10.jpg

Ok, now I’m going to enjoy my day, in my ‘new’ room, which is so comfy and lovely. 🙂 have a wonderful weekend!

WIP Wednesday

March 26, 2008

pink-lily.jpgI can not even remember how many times I’ve frogged this shawl and started over. Starting over doesn’t bother me, I’m not sure why.

brown-shawl.jpg The Peacock Shawl- one of the most WORKS in progress I’ve ever had. In fact, the more I rip it out, the more determined I am to make this darn thing!!!!! You might pray for me. 🙂

Announcing the Finalists in the Photo Caption contest

March 22, 2008

pink-lily.jpgand sharing some spring photo’s… but first things first…

  • 1. Kristin said,

“To perform the Heimlich, take hold of the victim and pull upwards with a hearty thrust.?

  • 2. Stephanie said,

‘Head up, shoulders back, tummy in and walk straight. We’ll make a man of you yet!’

  • 3. PariSarah said,

“I think I’d rather take my chances with whatever’s in the brush.?

  • 4. Cory said,

Honest, Kitty, it’ll be ok.

  • 5. Kristi Van Os said,

You’re coming home with ME!


Ok, now… vote! Leave a comment with the number of your favorite caption for the photo. If you’re a finalist, tell your friends to come on over and vote for you! After they vote, they can read the March issue of Cotton Spice, free!! Voting is open until Friday, March 29. The Goodie Box is beginning to bulge!

All the rain does indeed bring some spring flowers –

flowers1.jpg flowers2.jpg flowers5.jpg

flowers10.jpg flowers11.jpg flowers6.jpg


p.s. I also have some fabric for sale in my Etsy shop….

Rain and Flooding

March 21, 2008

pink-lily.jpgThe 6-9″ of rain we got Tuesday and Wednesday had to go somewhere. Check my flickr account for pictures of the flooding. I posted those yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon I got an email from someone who’d seen the pictures and wanted to use some of them in her news story. Which you can read here   There are rotating pictures on that page, or you can watch the slideshow and my pictures are in there. I’m almost famous! lol….

Later today I’ll pick 5 winners for the Caption Contest, so if you haven’t entered, this is your last chance!!! Tell your friends. Even if you can’t think of a caption, you have to admit – it’s a cute picture! I got a million of ’em! 🙂

Happy Friday!

WIP Wednesday

March 19, 2008

pink-lily.jpgI dyed more yarn yesterday –  I know it looks a little ‘tie-dyed’ but I’m loving it. I’m going to combine it with a black or dark gray, some kind of stained glass type of pattern. But I don’t have  a lot of it, so haven’t yet decided what to make. A vest maybe…. I have almost 400 yd, just about 7 ounces.


Don’t forget the contest!

New Contest

March 17, 2008

pink-lily.jpgOk… first let me say that I am doing significant work on the sewing room/office project. You won’t believe it! But, to pass the time for you let’s have a contest!

This is called Caption That Picture! Leave a comment captioning this picture. Friday I’ll pick the best 5 and then YOU all get to vote to pick the best one! (takes a lot of pressure off me!!!!) 🙂 Here ya go…


Let the Captioning begin…. (click on it to get the big pic)

Tuesday note: I forgot to name a prize!!!! well, I’m doing a lot of cleaning in the sewing room, so how about I start putting together a Goodie Box? I’ll find a nice sized box and fill it to the brim with ‘sewing room/quilting’ things. Believe me…I’ve got enough! 🙂

Nothing Accomplished Today

March 14, 2008

pink-lily.jpgFeeling puny, didn’t do anything. Well, I did take a shower. That’s it. But certainly nothing on the room! More later…..

WIP Wednesday

March 12, 2008

pink-lily.jpgYes, I am working on my sewing room/office/knitting arena…. It usually takes me a day. That’s because I mostly just hide stuff. This time I’m really cleaning. If I have to hide it, I find a place for it to live or I throw it out. No more hiding! So, just to prove that I’m really working on this, I took before pics. The after pics haven’t been taken yet, but hopefully in a day or two.

I’m baring my naked sewing room to ya’ll… be kind!


You get 5 points if you can tell what’s on TV….


Edited: Wed about noon…The winner is Joanna! It’s I Love Lucy. You’ve got good eyes! 🙂

Still playing with Kool-Aid

March 11, 2008

pink-lily.jpgbut I can’t show you this one yet. 🙂 Soon, I will.

There are new posts on Simple Hospitality and Macuwita sni. We have 3 quilters signed up for the challenge! YAY!!!!! I’m so excited.

And we got to watch a little pre-season baseball yesterday. <big smile>  soon, very soon… games every night! (almost)
So far, I’ve spent 2 whole days cleaning and organizing in the sewing room. I’ve had to take a few days off – just too tired. I’m hoping tomorrow I can finish it. I’m really liking what I’ve done. I’ve consolidated Yarn into a Yarn/Knitting Area. Fabric is in it’s own corner, across the room. Books are one shelf. Homeschool stuff is on one shelf. Now I have odds and ends to go through on the sewing table, my desk and surrounding area. My desk always seems to receive the worst. Piles upon piles upon piles.

In my cleaning I found a little sweater 96% complete. I knitted the last 4″ on the left front and yesterday I blocked it. Today I’m sewing it together and hope it will fit our little granddaughter. I’ll take a pic of it when I’m done with it. I think I started out to make it for one of the grandsons – a bright cheery sweater. But I’m sure I quit when I realized it was too girly. At that point there were no granddaughters, so… it got shelved.

Have a wonderful day!

Big Day around here!

March 10, 2008

pink-lily.jpgSimple Hospitality is up and running. See tab at the top of the page? Please come in, find a comfy chair and visit with us.

Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine, March 2008 is on the website!

and here are some links to Kool-Aid dyeing

Doncha just love

That ought to get you going, and if you want more info, just google “Kool aid dyeing” or similiar words and you’ll find more than you know what to do with!

AND…. The Macuwita sni Quilt Challenge starts today! Click on the Macuwita sni tab on the top of this page and get the details. Let’s keep people warm!!!! Sign up – prizes – make quilts for a worthy cause!