More ice

pink-lily.jpgI just cringe when I look outside. Last night was thunder and lightening… oh so reminiscent. Freezing rain today and snow tonight… please let us keep our electricity! Gotta love this Global Warming, she said, tongue firmly in cheek… wait, let me go get another sweater…


One more week and we are off to Idaho! Mike and I are so excited to be going.

I sure do like the looks of my new blog. It’s all so nice and compact and ‘together’. You don’t have to scroll down for miles to see the previous post.

Made some new sockies for Riah – superwash wool…


I got the book “2-at-a-Time Socks” by Melissa Morgan-Oakes and am going to try it. Calls for a 47″ circ which I happen to have. I do love my dpn’s though, but I love the idea of being able to make 2 socks at once. So, we’ll see.

Trying my first intarsia project and am hopelessly lost in the diagram. It’s a really nice felted bag designed by Nicky Epstein. Maybe I need to begin with something simpler. But it’s so pretty! 🙂


Have a wonderful week!


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