Playing Tammy Tag

pink-lily.jpgMy good friend Tammy, who is also my quilting web guru, tagged me. She wants to know 7 weird things about me. I thought she thought I was already pretty weird but for some reason she needs more proof… so here goes.

  1. I’m a huge baseball fan, more specifically a St. Louis Cardinals fan. I found out I don’t like the World Series, because that means no more baseball until spring. sigh. Is it spring yet?
  2. I’m afraid of the dark.
  3. I met my husband online in a chat room and married him 6 weeks later. (Although this has worked out wonderfully for us, I have to stress the importance of practicing ALL the internet safety rules.)
  4. I love to watch COPS. (bad boys, bad boys….)
  5. I’m 49 yrs old and I have 9 grandchildren… 8 of them boys.
  6. I don’t do sports of any kind. I have absolutely NO coordination.
  7. I hate liver. Well, I guess that’s not weird…doesn’t everybody? πŸ™‚

And last but not least… I love to give things away! So, in order to celebrate my 546th post (today) I’m going to give away a quilt!


I designed and made this quilt with fabric designed by my sister Kris Lammers for Maywood Studio. Strawberry Splendor I think it’s called. It is 59″ square. It is beautifully machine quilted free hand. Here’s a closeup…





If you would like to have this quilt for your very own, please comment! Today is Monday January 28, I’ll take comments until Thursday January 31 – which just happens to be Shannon’s birthday – and choose a winner from those commenters.


And I’ll share one more thing I’m working on – a Cotton Spice Cafe Press Store… let me know what you think!

Edited 1-29-08: While I would love to take credit for the machine quilting, I cannot! πŸ™‚ It was quilted by my friend Carrie Wilson. And she did a beautiful job!


41 Responses to “Playing Tammy Tag”

  1. Mary (quilt8305 MJF Farmgirl) Says:

    You have a beautiful blog and who wouldn’t love to have your beautiful quilt?

    It amazes me how many people I know met there spouse on the internet.

  2. Myra Stuart Says:

    Who could pass up a chance to win that beauty? I love visiting your blog. Here’s to many more posts from you. :o)

  3. Dana Says:

    What a very beautiful quilt!! I’d love to give that a home:)
    Happy 546:) Here’s to many more!!!

    Thanks for such a nice giveaway!


  4. kira gundersen Says:

    oh, pick me, pick me! πŸ™‚ LOL, seriously though, that is one gorgeous quilt! I have barely started learning to sew/quilt and have NEVER even considered machine quilting … you did a really great job! πŸ™‚

  5. Karen Langseth Says:

    What a wonderful quilt. It would make a wonderful addition to my home. This is the first time I’ve been to your blog, just surfing around and found you.

    Karen in MN

  6. Stephanie Says:

    I enjoy your blog very much but I was so surprised to find that you are giving a quilt away. I was even more surprised to see you had done nearly 550 post. Brilliant, well done

  7. Amy Says:

    Ok first of all…how did you become a Cards fan?!?!?! I live right here in St. Lousi suburbs….which means all my friends gather each and every year for an opening day bbq and my daughter is in desperate need of a new Cardinal’s outfit…I think the card pjs still fit her…….
    Secondly I LOVE how you met your hubby!!!!! Me too me too me too! We got married less than 6 months later! hmmm, baby came 5 months after that…oh well…going on fours years and happy as ever…so no judging here!
    Third-love the quilt…it is beautiful!

  8. Tracy Says:

    How wonderful of you!

  9. Linda C Says:

    Love Cotton Spice!!

  10. Eileen Says:

    Wow, what a generous offer! I can’t resist a comment for that beauty!

    I say, you were brave to meet your guy on line like that. So happy for you that it has worked out SO well. Was it the Mitford Chat Line I wonder?

    Quilting wise … all I’ve made this winter is place mats (I’m a raw beginner after all and love to see the completed project!)!! I’ve just finished 3 of a set of 4.

    I’ve a Crumb Cake to come out of the oven any moment now. We’ve had an arctic front go through and with it so cold out, it seemed appropriate to do a little baking. My waistline does not thank me!

    Here’s hoping!

    Ta, ta ….

  11. Jeanne Says:

    WOW! The quilt is beautiful and such a generous give-away.

  12. Terri Says:

    Oh my gosh – what a beautiful quilt – whoever wins it is one lucky person! (hopefully me :-))

  13. LindaP Says:

    Congratulations on being that consistent a blogger! I am amazed at the discipline you have shown – you’ve inspired me!

    The quilt is absolutely beautiful – but I would have posted even if you weren’t giving it away (hint! hint!)…

    And I confess to learning a good deal about you via Tammy’s list…


    Linda P

  14. Sherry Says:

    That is a beautiful quilt.
    Love your blog.

  15. Linda Says:

    Well I’ll put my hand up and say that’s how I meet my hubby as well. Will be four years in March, what a generous giveaway.

  16. Tricia Says:

    WOW! You are very generous!! I would love to be the recipient of your wonderful gift.


  17. Emily Says:

    I met my husband online too, didn’t marry him quite as quickly as you did, but we were living together within 2 months and engaged within 4 which was pretty quick for my family but long for his family (his parents were engaged after 2 weeks!!!)

    Anyway, I love your blog and love that quilt! Congratulations on all of those posts!

  18. Becky Says:

    I have been a St Louis Cardinal fan since the 1960s. I feined illness in 1967 so that my grandpa (his idea) could come pick me up at school and we could watch the final game of the World series together. The Cardinals were in the series that year and they used to play them in the daytime. Julian Javiar, Bob Gibson were a couple of the guys. Oh, the memories.

    I also watched the World Series All By Myself a couple years ago when they were in it again. I missed my grandpa, who died the spring following the 1967 series.


    Well, I’d love to win the quilt. It is lovely. And I happen to be in the need of a new one and scared to death to try making one myself.

    So pull my name … please.

  19. Janice Says:

    OMG I can’t believe you would give away such a beautiful quilt. I absolutely love the colours.

  20. Stacey Tate Says:

    Talk about a way to win friends and influence people. The quilt is beautiful. I am also entering to win the HGTV Dream Home. Winning either one will make my life complete.

  21. Fuji Mama Says:

    546 posts! That’s amazing. I barely past 100 and couldn’t believe it, but 546? Wow. The quilt is gorgeous. Love the colors, the design, everything. My fingers are crossed….! I hope that my quilting looks that good eventually.

  22. Suzi Says:

    What an lovely quilt and an amazing give away!

    I’m with you on the sports thing – love watching it but I’m useless at doing it!


  23. Tracy W. Says:

    Well I guess I’m weird also πŸ™‚ I met my boyfriend of five years on Yahoo’s Singles. Now I’m just working on getting him down the aisle.:)

  24. Julia Says:

    I love your blog, everytime I visit there’s something funny, beautiful, special! Thanks for blogging this constantly!!!!
    Not to mention that I love your quilt (and I don’t write this because I’d love to tell it would be mine)….

  25. Cory Says:

    Wow, This is an awesome give away. It is beautiful. I would love to win it. Thank you, Cory

  26. sally Says:

    I just love your blog. The quilt is absolutely beautiful. I’m just so impressed with your talent.

  27. Sajdra :) Says:

    Beautiful quilt – definitely an amazing give-away!

    Meeting online friends is wonderful (but yes, it must be done safely) – several of my internet friends have become real life friends that I get together with on a regular basis πŸ™‚ I think we generally “connect” online with people with similar tastes and interests, so it’s not surprising that true friendships ensue!

    Sandra πŸ™‚ (P.S. I love liver, LOL)

  28. Brooke Says:

    What a stunning quilt! I’ve made two my entire life…lets just say you could certainly tell they were made by a beginner…they didn’t last long! (as in fabric and batting went their separate ways!). I can’t even imagine ever making something as beautiful as that!

  29. Leah S Says:

    I hear you about #3. No way at all would my husband or I recommend that people meet online… but that’s exactly what we did! Except we didn’t take 6 weeks or 6 months, but SIX YEARS before we got married! And didn’t live together before hand. We’ll be celebrating our 4th anniversary this July, so I have to say it’s working out pretty well. πŸ™‚

  30. Lisa Says:

    Your blog has given me much inspiration and I appreciate all the time and work you put into it. What a beautiful quilt & giveaway…thanks for hosting.

  31. Amy Says:

    oh good lord…please go look at my latest post right now and scroll down to see what hubby has on… πŸ™‚

  32. Karen Says:

    Pick me! I have a house full of quilts I made myself, but nothing made by someone else! I would appreciated it for sure!

  33. Shelley Says:

    Karen, that is a beautiful quilt and you are a beautiful person for giving it away. I, too, am a giver awayer of things-it brings me such pleasure to do so when I can. I would love to win this quilt. I also really like the cards you featured on your shop.

  34. Carrie Says:

    Pretty, pretty Quilt! It so would go in my living room. the green matches my sofa. I would so love to be entered in the contest.

  35. Lettie Mae Says:

    Wow. What an awsome quilt! Although an American, I live permanently in Germany and we don’t have anything like this over here. Patchwork is just beginning to become popular, but it’s still difficult getting all the fabrics etc. Those are the moments where I really miss the States!
    So if I could call this fantastic quilt my own, I surely wouldn’t feel so homesick. And if I should be the luckiest person in the world to win this quilt, I’d be more than happy to pay the shipping costs πŸ˜‰

    Congrats on your blog and greetings from the other side of the world!

  36. Heather D. Says:

    Hi! What a beautiful quilt and how generous of you for a giveaway! I just found your blog and am enjoying it immensely. The second picture of the quilt fabric, the one with the light background and strawberries, I made placemats from that fabric last summer. Have a wonderful evening….Blessings, Heather

  37. Jancd Says:

    We are redecorating our bedroom and this quilt would make a beautiful throw for the bed. Quilts are my favorite type of cover. I need that quilt and will take such good care of it. It would be perfect for our bedroom. Jancd.

  38. Shelly D. Says:

    Oh my that is beautiful!! Hope I’m not too late! Happy 546th!

  39. Angela Says:

    What an absolutely beautiful quilt!

  40. Mary Ann Says:

    Just found your blog today…it’s wonderful!!! I look forward to reading it in the future! If I’m not too late, I’d love to enter the draw for the quilt! All the best! Mary Ann in Denmark

  41. Michele Says:

    Pitchers and Catchers report in less than 2 weeks – spring must be just around the corner! Go Yankees!!!

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