Men in Skirts

pink-lily.jpgHow do you feel about this? Women have been wearing men’s clothes for a long time. They work well into our lifestyles, and in fact, it is the norm for women to wear jeans or pants of some kind rather than skirts or dresses. Even tho (in my opinion) skirts and dresses can be more comfortable. Skirts allow a freedom of movement and sometimes a little breeze that jeans won’t allow.

So, how come it doesn’t work the other way? How come men just look silly in skirts and dresses? Well, I’ve seen this guy in Walmart a few times. He’s definitely a burly man. Tall, robust. Kind of long hair and full beard – picture  a biker here. But he wears a skirt. It’s black, pleated and has some funky buckles on it. To complete the ensemble, he wears white socks and black work boots. And a variety of shirts. No one could ever accuse him of looking feminine in any way. But he does make you look twice! (I don’t know this man and I’m not saying anything bad about him, just looking at the comparisons)

Just something to wonder about, but nothing of importance.

Julie, I’m so glad you’re liking your Prep Tool. It really is a gem.

Mary Anne, I did Wt Watchers too. And it was great. I lost weight. I’ve gained some back, as I tired of it long before you did. But portion control was my downfall, and I try to watch that now.

Good for you Lisa.. yes, it does get exhausting. I’m tired of thinking about my weight and food all the time.

Did anyone see a magazine at the checkout, saying how the stars are just getting so THIN? They look like skin and bones and not attractive at all. We are women after all, we should have curves.

Have a good day! 🙂


20 Responses to “Men in Skirts”

  1. Eileen Says:

    I truly don’t understand modern woman’s aversion to skirts and dresses. They are 100 times more comfortable than pants. Easier to go to the washroom too … especially in public places … and when one is out in the woods hiking in the wilds.

    My husband has Scots background in him and continually threatens to get a kilt. Go for it say I! He can’t understand women on the matter of dress either both for comfort and for look.

    My Mom doesn’t wear pants. She’s had a couple pair in her life but has always worn dresses … and hats. People in town knew her as the hat lady and doted on her. I think it was because she was a pleasure to the eye … have you ever sat in a mall and watched the women that go by? Sad. I’m not a make up person but one can still look “nice” and put together … dressed to suit one’s shape!

    Ahhh … you’ve hit one of my band wagons. Sorry ’bout the wee rant.

    Ta, ta …

  2. silversara Says:

    Sounds like the guy is wearing a utilikilt

  3. Debbie Says:

    Men in kilts! A definite thumbs up.

  4. Amanda N. Says:

    Is it a skirt or a kilt?

  5. Pieces Says:

    My husband wants to get a utilikilt. So I need to get used to it real soon.

  6. Carrie Says:

    I’m sorry, but burly guys in Kilts are a turn on for me, has since I saw my first one in high school. It has something to do with the way they swish….

  7. Karen Gass Says:

    It may very well have been a Utilikilt… have you watched their commercials? They are absolutely hilarious!!!! 🙂

    No reason to be sorry Carrie, I didn’t say they looked ‘bad’. 🙂 Although, I will say some guys can carry it off, and others should just leave them out of the wardrobe.

  8. Kim Campbell Says:

    My boss has a utilikilt!

  9. skirted guy Says:

    I have been wearing skirts & tights around and about for many years …
    The main obstacle I encounter is peoples prejudices !!!
    The one that stands out , is : a guy who wears a skirt has to be gay !!!
    For myself , I have to say that I’m just a regular guy , who has a regular job , a wonderfull soul mate and 2 regular grownup kids !!! And I’m not gay !!!
    I enjoy wearing skirts & tights for their comfort , their sensations and aesthetics …
    I’m a six feet , 200 pounds with a beard , and I do not compromise my virility when I wear skirts !!!
    I agree that the skirted looks for men does not work all the time …
    Some wear it well , some don’t !!! But the same can be said for women …
    As for myself , I think I look above the average (that’s what my Gf says) …
    Skirts for men are slowly starting to show on the market …
    I hope this phenomena will become popular enough to become “in vogue” …
    For more info , visit : ,

    After all , a man is the same man in a pair of pants or a skirt !!!

  10. Bert Says:

    I see nothing wrong with men wearing skirts, I like to wear a short skirt and had a female border guard tell me I was on the wrong hiway because of it. skirts are comfortable and give you many styles to choose from, jeans and trousers come in just a few styles and can be uncomfortable at times. If I wear shorts I like the short one, like the Bike sport shorts

  11. paul Says:

    What is all the fuss about. i have worn a short skirt a few times just above the knee and my wife loves it, wants me to go out with her wearing it. Says it oozes confidence. 40 deg day and wearing shorts and trousers dosn’t make sense really. Just a few narrow minded people stare, i call the skirt my idiot detector, as soon as someone says something, I have found another idiot lol.

  12. Charles Says:

    Those willing to admit men could wear a skirt often say “only if it’s a kilt.” That’s like saying if a man wants to travel, Scotland is the only place he can go. How many trouser styles are women wearing? Infinite, right? Why restrict men to one particular skirt? Those who insist a kilt isn’t a skirt are no more rational than someone who says he doesn’t drive a motor vehicle, he drives a Mustang. Kilts belong in the master category of skirt, willing to admit it or not. The fact that kilts are made with a flat front causes me to avoid them. The pleated rear alone gives it the swing it has. “Oh, the flat front is a sex difference,” no it isn’t, it’s just a style variation. In the New York Times, May 27, 1876, page 6, an editorial called for treating trousered women “with the usual remedies in use at the best conducted hospitals for the insane.” Women have absolute freedom of dress, society should ease up on men and admit that choice is a human, not sex specific, function. The skirt Greek soldiers (Evzones) wear, the white version, is pleated all around. But we can’t be limited to “ethnic skirts.” I also like wearing square dance petticoats (and always wear a mustache.) A company in England now offers tutus for men.

  13. whonows Says:

    does anyone here agree with Jeb because I do. END THE BAGGAGE. besides, how can you ever be comfortable in pants again after wearing a skirt? even though it may sound unmanly, the feminine skirts are actually more comfortable than kilts/ man skirts because clothing industries have been making women skirts for a lot longer.
    anyone agree?

  14. Patagoniakid Says:

    Agree absolutely! After decades of boring pants and shorts I discovered skirts on a bet. Wow this has to be one of the best kept secrets from the guys! I challenge any guy to wear a mini skirt on a hot day for a few hours in place of shorts (they are actually about the same length)! He will never give it up!!! Getting him there is the problem. There are a lot of selfish women who don’t want to share the notion of skirts for guys and more homophobic men than can be imagined as a product of the Victorian era.
    Guys…try a plain cargo mini skirt in junior’s size (hips are not so big and fit guaranteed) they have lots of pockets and belt loops. Looks as good on guys as girls wearing Levis! No modifications are necessary. Forget expensive kilts. They are not necessary. A skirt on a guy makes more anatomical sense than on a woman! Where did we go wrong?

  15. Terry Says:

    The first time I wore a skirt in public I was hooked. I did not know that clothes could be so comfortable. I decided to make skirts a part of my life. I bought several skirts and blouses and wore them everywhere I went. Later on I tried my luck at wearing a dress in public. It was so much fun, I loved it. I bought several dresses and started wearing them regularly. I’m not even close to being gay and I’m not trying to look like a woman, I’m just a man in a skirt or dress. For you guys that are wearing skirts, give dresses a try, you will love them.

  16. Stefan Says:

    I can not agree more. I have worn skirts in public a couple of times. So far no comments at all. One day when I wen’t to McDonalds I had a young girl following me with her eyes.

    So far I have not gone out in public in a dress but I will do that eventually.

    I think we men need to get out there and show that we like to have the change in clothingstyle. As many have said before me we are normal men that are NOT gay or transvestites or anything.

  17. Dr. Dan Says:

    Why do women think that we are so different and why cant men and women alike not be so judgmental when it comes to the issue of a man who wants to wear mini skirts or a kilt.Its not that hard to think of a man in a skirt as being attractive and I can also understand how some gals would think that these guys are perverts cause after researching on the subject about 25 percent of you guys are wanting some type of sexual gratification through going out in public dressed as a woman. Why can’t you just go out in a t-shirt and denim mini.and mow your grass ,take the trash out, go to wal-mart or whatever you want and not act like a fag about it. Just enjoy the fuckin breeze and don’t be so damn gay when you wear one cause its because of these faggy guys us strait tough guys can’t wear what we want because of the bullshit you brought apon us. Yes thats right I said it.Do you guys honestly thik any woman or man would have a problem with it if you would just let the fag flag down and be what you intended to be insted of being a guy that wants to look,act, and try to be a woman.Try being a man in a skirt and leave the make up to your mom and women. Get real and don’t be so twisted about it! I’m proud to be a man and don’t have any problem at all with guys in skirts,mini skirts or any other skirt. I just have a problem with a guy trying to act like a woman. I’m done

  18. Kilted Man Says:

    Whats all the fuss about. I wear kilts and skirts. The kilts are casual kilts or utilikilts. The skirts are usually denim or kahki and are hardly noticed. Sometimes I wear a tailored knee length A line skirt with a french cuff white shirt, power tie, Blazer or Sport coat with stockings and loafers. I definately present as a man.

    Oh I know, there are a few who arent sure of their masculinity who from time to time will laugh or snicker. I just think of where it ic coming from and smile. The only way to wear what you want is to : Just do it !

  19. Robert Says:

    I wear skirts and skorts. My items are in usual guy colors; navy blue, black or khaki (tan). I also own 2 kilts, one given to me by my grandfather, who came from Great Britian. In the U.S. there is a lot of inequality of men and women. This ranges from wages to styles of clothing (including colors). I think that mothers, sisters and girlfriends of guys should start putting skirts into their mens or sons wardrobes. This would make women seen as more equal to guys, even though it would only be a small part, it would still be a step in the right direction. My mother believed that boys could wear dresses or skirts the same as a girl, if taught how to wear them properly. She had me and my brothers wear dresses/skirts during the summer months after school was out. They were in fact more comfortable then pants or shorts. She said the ONLY items that were for individual sexes were a bra for a girl, and jock straps for boys or jockey underwear (especially as males developed into puberty). I thought about this and she was right. Guys have no use for a bra, just as girls don’t need jock-straps.
    Today I am 59 yrs of age, I think back to those earlier days and cannot come up with a single argument against it. I still wear skirts and skorts today. I am healthty, I don’t drink alcohol or engage in other bad activities. I guess you could say I am just the average male. I go shopping in the skirts/skorts.
    I go to the neighborhood parks and even the library (I read a lot). So if your thinking that wearing a skirt or a skort will turn you gay, or make you act sissified your wrong. Sexual orientation is determined at birth. Sissification can only occur if you let it. I am not gay, nor do i turn the other cheek if I am wronged even if it has to get physical.

  20. Tactilicious Says:

    Hey, why not? I’ve tried some skirts, I find above knee cargo skirts super comfortable. I also have found microfibre tennis style skirts great to run and exercise in. Any rational review of history and other societies will show you that it isn’t new, and it doesn’t cause gayness. With women co-opting nearly every piece of “man’s” clothing, it has gotten to the point where men’s clothing consists of bland suits with ties, or dressing as a gangster. I believe the baggy falling down pants look has become popular because US men fear being controversial so much, that they would rather look like ghetto gang dudes, than take any chance on their masculinity being questioned. Gayness is a desire to have a complete relationship with the same sex. When my girlfriend wears my pants, she doesn’t strike me as lesbian, because she still digs guys (me!).

    Maybe skirts would be acceptable if men wore a 45 on the hip as an accessory.

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