Happy New Year!

It’s a brand new year and as always, it filled with opportunities, open doors, and exciting things of all kinds. A new year, a new month, a new day… they are all exciting. Who knows what a day will bring? Let alone a New Year!

Here is my New Years Resolution, same as it has been for the last few years –

“My resolution this year is to live lavishly and lovingly! To do this, I want to continue to make and keep the five commitments I made last year:

  • to savor nature and beauty
  • to give and receive love
  • to encourage and exercise my creative spirit
  • to be light in the world (a person of truth and integrity)
  • to cultivate a positive, thankful attitude

I want to feed my own soul, so I can bless and serve my world.�

Have you noticed that New Years Resolutions are normally things we don’t like to do? Hard things? Not fun things? Well, no wonder they fizzle off! Make fun resolutions like – I will bake cookies once a month for my family. Or, Even though I’m a clearance rack shopper, I will purchase One Thing this year that is NOT on the clearance rack. Or,  I will relax about my house being super clean every minute and try to enjoy my life more. Do something nice for yourself and you just might find the hard things (lose weight, stop smoking, be more organized) following.

I’ve noticed that when I stop dieting, when I stop thinking about what I can’t eat every minute of the day, when I give myself permission to just be the size I already am… I eat less. In fact, it becomes a hassle to have to stop and eat, so I eat when my hands get shaky. I don’t want my life to be ruled by food.

Ok, enough resolutions! On to new knitting projects –


I love crocheted tablecloth’s and this one will go on my round table in the living room. The table that is currently holding our ‘Christmas Tree’ 🙂 when it’s done being a Christmas Tree holder. Of course, I have a ways to go yet, but that’s ok, right now it’s a Baby Tablecloth.


I have this beautiful Bernat Satin yarn and when I got the latest Berroco newsletter, this sweater was in it. I just knew right away what I’d been saving the yarn for. It goes fast, knit on size 13 needles. I didn’t have any stitch markers that large so I used yellow yarn which is constantly getting in my way. oh well, small price to pay for a pretty sweater.


This is Mikes Christmas present which didn’t get finished. It’s approx 40″ long, only 26″ to go. I’m using Cascade 220 wool, double stranded. It is thick and warm!


This is Jacks vest, with cable’s up each side. It’s grey with oatmeal trim on the bottom, armholes and neckline. Made with Patons Classic Wool, it will be nice and warm too.

I’m working on 2 other things which can’t be shown yet.

On the quilt end of things, I received a new book for review from Martingale called The Cutting Garden and I just love it. The author takes you through the process of making a quilt from your photo, of flowers. I made one of my own, and while it certainly needs perfecting, it got me designing my own flower quilt with shading which will be in the March issue of Cotton Spice. So, I can’t show it right now, but if you like the botanical images from the 1800’s you’ll love this! I love those pictures and have always had it in the back of my mind to use them somehow in a quilt… after reading and working through this book, it all fell into place.

Amy, now that you mention it, when we were at BB&B, the lady checking out next to us was using multiple coupons. I’ll remember that! 🙂

Jane, I never liked to cook much either, until marrying Mike and watching MUCH of the food network. He loves to cook things he sees on Emeril and Alton Brown, and I’m catching it! 🙂

Incidentally, we’ve used our new measuring gadget, and is it FUN!!!! Get one if you can!

Here’s to your exciting New Year!


One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Amy Says:

    We just had Christmas with my husbands parents and we too received a BB&B gift card…woo whoo! Now we can make our entire bathroom match towel to floor to trashcan. Such simple things in life to make me happy! Happy 2008!

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